While home in Hamburg earlier this month I visited my brother and family and took some snapshots of  gorgeous little nephew Lasse … he obviously did not care too much about me or the camera… but luckily he still cares about mum and dad… and with them standing behind me he looks the right direction 🙂

…. obviously he showed great interest in the Rolleiflex – what a boy!

For us photography geeks: Rolleiflex and Leica M filled with Fuji 400H, Kodak Portra 400 and Tri-X. I guess I still need to overexpose even more to get the colours right…. I had quite a hard time following Lasse’s impulsive way of moving through space and time with my manual focus cameras… I had to drop some otherwise lovely pictures which were hopelessly out of focus…  (…need to work on my fast-focussing-skills)



  1. 22. April 2011 / 21:03

    “…to work on my fast-focussing-skills”

    I know exactly what you’re talking about 😉

  2. 23. April 2011 / 12:19

    What a beautiful boy! Very spontaneous shot. The Rolleiflex is obviously his favorite toy. He will be Jan 2nd 😉

  3. 26. April 2011 / 19:30

    Nice work! Next time see if you can get him with the Linhof! I really like this site with the added insight on your process and more of who you are.

  4. 26. April 2011 / 23:34

    Nice !
    I am also having some hard time with colour films. How much did you overexpose your Portra this time, pls ? at 200 iso ?

    • 27. April 2011 / 18:51

      Hi Ivan… yes I more or less went over one to two stops… but it depended a bit one the light. I did not want to go slower than 1/60 and f2.8… so in darker areas of the room I might have been more or less exposing for Iso 400.

      • 27. April 2011 / 22:37

        Many thanks for your answer, I should try again colour films. I have shot nothing but bw with the Rolleiflex so…


  5. 24. May 2011 / 19:21

    Cute pictures! I sympathize with your comments, as I always find it very difficult to catch the little ones, particularly with Medium Format cameras!
    Very stylish blog, I like it a lot. Btw, since you consider yourself a film geek, and just out of curiosity … where do you buy/develop your films in Brussels?

    • 24. May 2011 / 19:30

      Hi Jordi… thanks! I order all my film from macodirect… an online shop from germany… very fast and prices are competitive. If I buy film in a local shop it is almost double the price…. black and white I develop myself, colour I take to a small lab close to where I live… you are planning to visit Brussels?

      • 25. May 2011 / 22:21

        Aha! I do know MacoDirect. Thanks for the tip.
        Actually, I live in Brussels, so my question was mostly out of curiosity, see whether you had any secret gem, particularly as far as labs are concerned.
        I followed your Flickr account for quite a while now, but find your blog very stylish and much more personal. Keep up!

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