26. April 2011

the place near the river...

Shoot with Laure (Model) and Peggy (Visa) Easter Monday in Antwerp….. I wanted something very graphical: simple compositions and strong contrast. Therefore we opted for dark clothes and stronger-than-usual make-up and hair-do. A perfect and sunny day provided the required edge in getting the contrast… the whole series is shot with a Leica MP and a 75mm lens – with ND Filter – to be able to shoot wide open. Film is Kodak Px 125 shot at 125.

Lots of other photographers/tourists around with BIG DSLRs and BIG Lenses…
I think they felt sorry for me with my tiny rangefinder  🙂

Thanks to Peggy and Laure for the great and pleasant  afternoon in Antwerpen…
…if you’ve never been to Antwerp, go and see it… beautiful city!


Peggy wrote in her blog about the shoot as well… practice your dutch and have a look!






Hello Jan,
great work from you and your team (as usual). I adore your black and white photos.
Did you use any reflectors to brighten up the harsh shadows?
Thanks for sharing your work.

Hi Dirk, I am basically too lazy to take a reflector with me. This shoot was all about running through the city and finding nice spots to use as location. I had only a small bag with my camera and some film – I did not want to carry a reflector around. But especially in cities you find natural reflectors everywhere: light walls, sunlight reflected in windows and alike…

Hello Jan, thanks for the information. I adore your concept of available light, a model and a camera. The quality of your pictures speak for themselves.

Totally agree. I think the photos for Jan are exquisite.

As I mentioned on Flickr. Great series. Nice to here the concept behind this series. Great job of the whole team.

Nice shooting Jan. Good work!


Excellent photos. Really like the strong graphical side to them.

Fully agree about Antwerpen too – it is such a nice place.


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