10. May 2011

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Model: Shauna
Make-up and hair: Elisa
Styling: Sanne

Location: Hof ter Saksen – between Antwerp and Gent

I left the house Sunday morning at 09:00 and returned just before 19:00. With about 50 minutes driving each direction, this leaves more than 8 hours actually shooting/working …on a weekend ….”just for fun”… quite absurd … or not?  …best time of the week for me

At least half of the eight hours is make-up/hair/styling/waiting/walking between the different locations and our shooting-shed (see pictures)… but still, Shauna and myself were really “done” and exhausted  at the end…the last couple of frames I really had to fight…. cameras can get very heavy!

After arriving at the location, it looked quite familiar – and somehow I’ve been there before…but was not sure where I knew it from… later I found some spots that I used already as location for a shoot roughly a year ago – either I am getting too old or Belgium too small….  anyhow, it was a great place with a mansion, lots of woods, a little river – weather was great, too. As I had some time while waiting for the make-up and styling, I made use of it and bothered the girls with taking quite a few making-of pictures (see below)…

I used the Contax 645 again filled with Fuji Acros, Kodak 160NC and Fuji Pro 400H for the shoot – only the making-of’s are shot with a Leica and Tri-X Film… colour film should be back from the lab during the week. I will add them once ready.

Many thanks to Shauna, Elisa and Sanne for the great day, great performance and support!!

P.S. I have been asked quite a few questions on my “workflow”, development, chemicals, scanning etc… as soon as I find some time, I will dedicated a post on that…

Update: I added the colour pictures… I basically exposed everything at Iso 100 – the Fuji 400H as well as the 160NC.




#24 is perfect. Excellent set.

I’m so speechless with your work! The color photos are just fantastic! A new fan from Canada 🙂

Very nice series. Like the color a lot.

Hey Jan,

When you expose the Fuji 400H at ISO100, do you process as normal or do you have it pull processed? For shots that are +2 stops over exposed they look very nice 🙂
(I can’t remember if I asked you this already).


Hi! As usual your pictures are amazing… You wrote that the weather was perfect.. Did you use external flashes or whatever to fill light or is it all natural?

Hi… its all natural. No extra light, no reflectors….

Jan, visiting your blog is like been in Heaven.

ohne deine bilder wäre die deutsche knipslandschaft wirklich wesentlich ärmer! schön! 🙂

another great series from you =)

Sanne Van Robays

Hi Jan,

Really love the pictures and your blog is very nice!! Had a great time sunday and hope we will work together another time!


Hi Jan,

What a wonderful series. I love the soft colors and the way you are playing with the light. Again and again… beautiful expressions of Shauna as well.

Have a nice day,


delicate and elegant master
I always wait for your new pictures

have a nice day

Great work as always.

When you do shoots like this with a makeup artist, hair stylist, etc, are they for your personal collection, or are they for a publication?

Hi Patrick, just for our personal portfolios… if I ask a make-up-artist to join depends on the look I am after…

A wonderful set, Jan. The bokeh from the Contax is fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing the ‘making of’ shots, it completes the set nicely so I hope you continue to do them.


Hi Jan, das Bokeh ist Traumhaft!!! Welche Objektive hattes du an der Contax?
Besitze selbst eine 500cm+80/2,8 ….gibt es da Objektive, die ähnliche Unschärfe (Schärfeverläufe) erzeugen? Danke!

viele Grüße, Chris

Hi Chris, hier habe ich das Zeiss 2/80 genutzt…. .die Contax ist eine feine Kamera – aber das Objektiv macht sie erst unwiderstehlich ….ich kenne leider kein vergleichbares Objektiv an der Hasselblad….

You`ve done a great job!
fantastac photos!

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