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Model: Shauna
Make-up and hair: Elisa
Styling: Sanne

Location: Hof ter Saksen – between Antwerp and Gent

I left the house Sunday morning at 09:00 and returned just before 19:00. With about 50 minutes driving each direction, this leaves more than 8 hours actually shooting/working …on a weekend ….”just for fun”… quite absurd … or not?  …best time of the week for me

At least half of the eight hours is make-up/hair/styling/waiting/walking between the different locations and our shooting-shed (see pictures)… but still, Shauna and myself were really “done” and exhausted  at the end…the last couple of frames I really had to fight…. cameras can get very heavy!

After arriving at the location, it looked quite familiar – and somehow I’ve been there before…but was not sure where I knew it from… later I found some spots that I used already as location for a shoot roughly a year ago – either I am getting too old or Belgium too small….  anyhow, it was a great place with a mansion, lots of woods, a little river – weather was great, too. As I had some time while waiting for the make-up and styling, I made use of it and bothered the girls with taking quite a few making-of pictures (see below)…

I used the Contax 645 again filled with Fuji Acros, Kodak 160NC and Fuji Pro 400H for the shoot – only the making-of’s are shot with a Leica and Tri-X Film… colour film should be back from the lab during the week. I will add them once ready.

Many thanks to Shauna, Elisa and Sanne for the great day, great performance and support!!

P.S. I have been asked quite a few questions on my “workflow”, development, chemicals, scanning etc… as soon as I find some time, I will dedicated a post on that…

Update: I added the colour pictures… I basically exposed everything at Iso 100 – the Fuji 400H as well as the 160NC.




  1. Elanor
    10. May 2011 / 15:56

    You`ve done a great job!
    fantastac photos!

  2. 10. May 2011 / 17:44

    Hi Jan, das Bokeh ist Traumhaft!!! Welche Objektive hattes du an der Contax?
    Besitze selbst eine 500cm+80/2,8 ….gibt es da Objektive, die ähnliche Unschärfe (Schärfeverläufe) erzeugen? Danke!

    viele Grüße, Chris

    • 10. May 2011 / 18:53

      Hi Chris, hier habe ich das Zeiss 2/80 genutzt…. .die Contax ist eine feine Kamera – aber das Objektiv macht sie erst unwiderstehlich ….ich kenne leider kein vergleichbares Objektiv an der Hasselblad….

  3. 10. May 2011 / 21:01

    A wonderful set, Jan. The bokeh from the Contax is fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing the ‘making of’ shots, it completes the set nicely so I hope you continue to do them.


  4. Patrick
    11. May 2011 / 00:32

    Great work as always.

    When you do shoots like this with a makeup artist, hair stylist, etc, are they for your personal collection, or are they for a publication?

    • 11. May 2011 / 20:42

      Hi Patrick, just for our personal portfolios… if I ask a make-up-artist to join depends on the look I am after…

  5. 11. May 2011 / 18:51

    delicate and elegant master
    I always wait for your new pictures

    have a nice day

  6. 11. May 2011 / 22:06

    Hi Jan,

    What a wonderful series. I love the soft colors and the way you are playing with the light. Again and again… beautiful expressions of Shauna as well.

    Have a nice day,


  7. Sanne Van Robays
    12. May 2011 / 22:21

    Hi Jan,

    Really love the pictures and your blog is very nice!! Had a great time sunday and hope we will work together another time!


  8. 12. May 2011 / 22:24

    another great series from you =)

  9. 13. May 2011 / 15:50

    ohne deine bilder wäre die deutsche knipslandschaft wirklich wesentlich ärmer! schön! 🙂

  10. Salva del Saz
    13. May 2011 / 18:40

    Jan, visiting your blog is like been in Heaven.

  11. 16. May 2011 / 13:53

    Hi! As usual your pictures are amazing… You wrote that the weather was perfect.. Did you use external flashes or whatever to fill light or is it all natural?

    • 18. May 2011 / 21:01

      Hi… its all natural. No extra light, no reflectors….

  12. 22. May 2011 / 23:18

    Hey Jan,

    When you expose the Fuji 400H at ISO100, do you process as normal or do you have it pull processed? For shots that are +2 stops over exposed they look very nice 🙂
    (I can’t remember if I asked you this already).


  13. William
    30. May 2011 / 18:54

    Very nice series. Like the color a lot.

  14. 16. June 2011 / 22:30

    I’m so speechless with your work! The color photos are just fantastic! A new fan from Canada 🙂

  15. 19. August 2012 / 00:49

    #24 is perfect. Excellent set.

  16. 分をいましめていた。岩田は、ひと通り、酒がまわったところで、「じゃア、部長から、ひとつ、お話ししてくださいませんか。」龍太郎は、頷いて、立ち上がった。厚子が、真ッ先に、拍手をした。つられて、ほかの人々も、それにならった。

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