6. December 2011

nothing to one

…maybe a slightly different series of pictures this time – maybe not. On one of my recent pictures I got a comment that it had a bit of a Gregory Crewdson feel to it… so I googled him and was blown away by his work – what he does is way out of my possibilities in so many ways… (if you are interested, search on youtube for his work and you will see for yourself) ….yet, I felt tempted to pay “his world” a little visit – and take my pictures there and see what happens… I used three Tungsten Fresnels (with a filter to mimic daylight), the lamps I found in the room and the window light… which was all in all quite a mix in color temperatures – it looked ok as it was – but you never know how the camera records it…..the film handled it quite well and produced a slight retro look.

I tried to create a little series with the images I would have chosen … at the end I included other images I found ok… let me know if my choice was off … 🙂

Nikon FM3a with 1.4/50mm was loaded with Kodak TRiX
Nikon FM2 with a 1.8/50mm was loaded with Fuji 400H and Portra 400
Linhof Technika with a 5.6/135mm – loaded with Tri-x and Kodak Portra 400

Thanks to the girls for the excellent performance and styling- it was a great pleasure working with you again!



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Wunderschöne und absolut meisterliche Serie! Sehr inspirierend!

LG Alexander

Love this shoot. What location is this?

Brilliant work indeed, and use of Fresnels are excellent! What location is this?

Great pictures
J’aime beaucoup votre travail, bravo

Amazing! Congrats!
Image 11 is my fav

I love it. You’re one of my favourite photographers on flikr. I hope someday to be as good as you are 🙂

Lovely work. Very impressed. Great to see people still using film.

Which film is shot 39?

Love your work!

I am not sure… would have to dig up the neg… but from the timing it could be Fuji 400H as I shot two rolls at the beginning and later Portra…

Love the colors and the whole set. The way you use the two lamps behind is very nice. The set has a really amazing retro look. At times I thought I was a teen again sneaking a look at dad’s Playboy pics…but these are so much better.

Amazing set of pictures …. loved number 34

Guillermo Imbarach

Me lleva a un ensueño mágico dulce y nostálgico. Tu trabajo es muy elegante y delicado.

really nice set … location / model very good …

Einfach grandios, besonders die Fensterbilder haben es mir angetan!!!
Toll, wie du die analoge Technik handhabst…

[…] nothing to one | micmojo scrapbook Nikon FM2 with a 1.8/50mm was loaded with Fuji 400H and Portra 400 Linhof Technika with a 5.6/135mm – loaded with Tri-x and Kodak Portra 400 Nikon FM3a with 1.4/50mm was loaded with Kodak TRiX […]

Eine deiner besten Serien Jan, wirklich fantastisch. Hast du das Kunstlicht mit normaler CTB-Folie korrigiert?

Danke… meine eigenen Fresnels habe ich per Folie korrigiert… die Lampen im Raum habe ich nicht verändert.

I just looked up the FM3a out of curiosity. Interesting. Sellers on eBay are asking for four to 10 times the price of the venerable Nikon FA, which offers more sophisticated functions and double the maximum shutter speed. Looks like it has similar features to the FE2, which can also be found for 100 USD. Guess low production volume drives the market.

Yes, the FM3a is quite expensive compared to others… I was lucky and got one for a comparably low price to what others traded it for… and in surprisingly mint condition. For me its mainly the peace of mind knowing I can shoot in all flexibility even if all batteries have died… and I prefer if the camera is not thinking for itself (matrix metering for example…)… the more manual, the better 🙂

For me the ultimate manual Nikon is the Nikomat (AKA Nikkormat) series. The meters aren’t very responsive, so you’re forced to meter manually, but the shutter speed ring is so fun to use and they feel so good in the hands, and the best feature is the loud clang of the shutter. I will NEVER sell or otherwise get rid of my FT2.

Sorry to make this a gear discussion. Your work proves very clearly it’s not about the gear.

all great but 15, 39 are my favs 🙂

The light and colors are quite beautiful. Amazing work.

Wonderful atmosphere, great pictures!

Wow, these are beautiful. I would like to second Andy and Kosmo’s question. Could you clarify how the lighting worked for this shot? Did you use filters over the lights or the lens?

Thanks… I used filters on the Fresnel lenses I was using – the lights in the room just stayed as they were…

I’ve been following your work for a while and I rarely comment but these compelled me to do so. Simply stunning. Perhaps some of my favorites from you.

one of your best shoots! beautiful in every possible way!

Thanks a great serie Jan.

How did you manage the light, cause it’s look like the end of the afternoon, It’s really sharp for long time exposure ? did you use only the lights from the room ?


Thanks Kosmo.. I had three extra Fresnels with me – where I used sometimes 2, sometimes 3 at the same time… they normally supply enough light to shoot handheld at ISO 100… I was using Iso 400 Film so very easy to shoot (1/125 to 1/250s).

Great work again man. I second the first commentator here, loved the Polaroid ones! Nice use of continues lighting as well. In fact, what made me shoot MF film was due to this continues lights and higher ISOs to get more ambient light in settings such this room. Did you think about using a battery powered LED light instead of tungsten!? Cheers,

Thanks… I have these Tungsten Fresnels and I just absolutely love the look of fresnel light… has this hollywood feel to it. They are quite difficult to operate (lots of shadows, very hot and all), but I love the look.

A great set, for me #1 #8 #13 #26 #34 & #43 are the standouts, they seem to really catch a moment or an emotion.

this set is absolutely gorgeous…I want to copy you big time 🙂

Hi Jan. One of your most beautiful series. Interestingly Gregory Crewsdon became one of my faveourite photographers after I saw a documentary about this work a few years ago. Do a YouTube search and see how he works. Really great stuff. Cheers Dan.

Hi Daniel… yes I have seen the production on youtube… amazing! I would like to shut down a town centre as well, just for me taking one picture 🙂

What speed did you rate the Portra, and did you use any filters or daylight balanced lights? These are stunning, and I don’t know why I can’t get these colors myself!

Hi Andy – I used the Portra at 400.. I used tungsten lights with gels to mimic daylight… I was surprised how well the light works together in terms of color balance myself.

Interesting series… Indeed a bit different, but still in the best Jan’s style. Personally, I like more the ones in the hallway.

Honestly these are amazing, I love the cinematic look and the atmosphere. And the colors are stunning. =)

I love the cinematic look to these, Jan. A nice departure for you and one that I hope you continue through the winter when there are less daylight hours. The shots near the window are gorgeous, especially 30 and 31.

Haut mich um, Jan!
Sehr schöner Retro- und Film Noir Look. Gefällt mir sehr.

I love the “polaroids”. Actually, I love it all.

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