28. June 2011

sea change

Last Sunday evening with Charlotte at the Belgian Coast (Oostende)… We met in the train on our way to Oostende … and had the chance to get to know each other  a bit before the shoot… which is normally quite limited as you very often start shooting shortly after meeting… we also had the pleasure to walk 40 minutes through the hot afternoon sun – only to find out later that we could have taken the tram….  but the location, the perfect weather and light was well worth the hassle! Having said that I have to emphasize how much I love shooting on location/outdoors… being outside in the sun, wind, weather, seeing lots of different places and never really knowing what you going to get… a bit like on vacation.

….I was quite amazed by her beautiful face and eyes and had to shoot lots and lots of portraits. I will have to shoot more in the evening sun – so nice. I tried using a macro lens on the contax for close-ups – worked fine… more images and info soon… all taken on film – of course -… as everything else on this blog.  I used Kodak PX 125, Portra 160NC and Fuji Pro 400H



Expose for the shadows, right? 😉 I am pulling my Portra 400 for 2-3 stops and still can’t achieve a result like yours, but this time I’m suspecting the scanning service. Did you use any reflecting light for the shadows or is it all natural?

Hi Marjan, I am scanning the images myself… I have not found a scanning service in Europe with an acceptable price and quality ratio. I tried a few weeks ago and the scans were bad! … I had to scan them all again afterwards.
I am too lazy to carry a reflector around – so its all fully natural light….but the evening light was very soft and easy to shoot in.

all of them are famous, as your work is .. but no. 16 has a special feeling and great focus, my favourite !

Absolutely wonderful!

Hi Jan!

Your pictures are awsome! Realy very nice. I like your stile very much.

I do have a question regarding the lighting. And I woul very much apreceate your input. Are you working with reflectors? If so, which size and color of reflectors are you using?

I would very much appreceate your thoughts on this.

And I am looking forward to your next pictures 😉


Hey Mic,

thanks… I dont use any reflectors at all. I have a sunbouncer mini that I used the last time maybe two years ago… If I used it I used the silver side… with film I have enough latitude to expose for the face – no matter what happens around it (more or less)… for the look I am after it works nicely.

Thank you Jan for your explanation. It’s realy amazing how you are playing with the latitude of film….


Bravo. Fantastic. I really like the floppy hat 🙂
Are you still developing your own C41 film? Today I ordered a kit to give it a try.

Hi Nasir,
yes C41 is developed by myself… you will not regret it! 🙂

Great portraits. I’m a follower of your work on the Flickr account and am constantly amazed at the framing you use to get the results you want. Your film work destroys any digital work I’ve seen on that site. And quite frankly, has made a few digital shooters rethink. Looking forward to more photos.

Thanks Thom… as long as enough people buy film to keep it healthy, I am happy! 🙂

Jan, if there are some “bring new addicted customers” forms from Kodak, Fujifilm and Ilford, which can help you get free products, let me know!

My digital FF camera has started collecting dust after trying medium format film 😉

Thank you for the inspiration,

oh my…. this serie reminds me Ondine!

This an outstanding portrait gallery. Very pleasant viewing!

I am a fan of 15. I like the limited DOF and the focus shift of the macro lens. This model’s eyes are great in the color shots.

Hey, wirklich wunderbare Fotos. Ich mag, wie du die Natürlichkeit der Frauen einfängst.
Bei einigen der Bilder aus diesem Shooting finde ich das Bokeh atemberaubend.

Freue mich auf mehr.

Best wishes

Wonderful captures as usual. Charlotte is beautiful indeed. A natural beauty. My favorites are 4 and 12. Great work from both of you.


Hello, the pictures are wonderful again .
My Favorites are Nr. 12 and Nr. 16 .
Why did you not use real flowers? Anyway – very nice again

Best Regards Dimi

thanks… the flower thing was something that Charlotte brought to the shoot… and we loved it and so we used it… but we did not plan on it from the beginning… in that case real flowers would have been nicer

ok I understand. Number 13 look very pretty 🙂
Will you make a shooting every week now? Would like to see more

Best Regards Dimi

If I could find the time I would shoot 7 times per week…. 🙂

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