21. June 2011

Lake of Constance

While visiting a friend in the lake of constance area, I took the opportunity to arrange a shoot with beautiful Violetta. Contax with Fuji Acros and Kodak Portra…

…on the way back from Friedrichshafen I bought the “Schwarzweiss Magazin” (a German Black and White Photo Magazine) at the airport in Frankfurt…there were two articles about scanning and hybrid workflows and the author had to find excuses why someone would still shoot film nowadays… e.g. young people might not have the money to upgrade to digital…  it seemed that there is no other reason for using film :-/




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Hi Jan,
Your work has such amazing natural beauty to it.

Regarding the article you read in Schwarzweiss Magazin, your work gives photographers EVERY reason to shoot film and has inspired me to pursue using it more.



i foolow your work a while and really love it.

may i aks you a question about scanning ?

i got some troubles with film flattness how do you manage that ? if ever …

and can you recomment a good lab ? or lab which scan and dev ?

thx greetings from rostock germany

I love Your work, truely, I do. I like You, becouse of Your work 🙂

Wonderful portraiture! The tones in the mono stuff is superb. May I ask what developer you use?

Thanks – I use normally Kodak HC 110… but I am getting more in Rodinal lately…

stunning photos… all of them! I’d like to ask, if it’s all shot with that 8×10 field camera. Definitely, you should publish a book, at least a blurb one. There are many people like me who love your work. I don’t understand how somebody can write such an article about film. This disgusses me. I love film. literally. I love taking pictures with my hasselblad and I would also like to try a view camera.

Great stuff as usual Jan.
What is the largest file size and hence quality are you getting from the V750? Good enough for 16×24 maybe?
Plus how long does it take you to scan a roll of 16 shots?

Keep up the good work!

Hi Kevin, I am scanning my pictures at about 1800 dpi which gives me from a 645 negative what a 12-15 MP Camera would give me… I can scan up to 4000 dpi (I think) and this gives you lots of data for a 645 negative! I dont do it because the files get so big it is a pain handling and storing them. I printed up to A3+ which is 11×16 inches and it looks great… If I ever want to print really large I would probably take the negatives to a professional scanning service… if that is really noticable in the print at the end… I am not sure.
I scan selectively, I look at the preview and only scan if its a keeper. This way 16 images can take 10 minutes or almost an hour depending how many good images are on a roll. During the scanning I already do the photoshop tweaks in parallel, get rid of dust, adjust the contrast etc – so I do two tasks at the same time….

Thanks for the extra info Jan 🙂

Sorry you lost your primary 645, but glad you have a back up so I can enjoy more of your work.


I find this a funny way of looking at the film/digital situation & I disagree with the author:

“e.g. young people might not have the money to upgrade to digital…”

Digital is far cheaper. Someone can purchase a Nikon D40,50,60 etc and a 50mm and they’re done. The majority of my friends that shoot film started out with digital and dumped it. Most of us are in our 30’s and 40’s. I’m delighted to see the 20-somethings shooting film.

I’ve found film shooters are frequently people who have the will and the means/resources/money to shoot it so they do. And they do it because they prefer the final product over digital. It’s a recurring theme I keep seeing in articles etc.

Fantastic, simple fantastic…

wow i love your work, you don’t give a workshop

Fantastic work – such beautiful portraits!

Hello Jan,

wow all the pictures are beautiful. The quality is outstanding! What do you use for a scanner if I may ask? Dimitri

Thanks… its scanned on an Epson V750 using Silverfast

Thanks for the information. The quality is really strong. But the kind of images and these intimate portraits are perfect.

Best regards

great shots Jan !!

I guess the color ones are kodak.
Try Fuji Pro 160s – you will love colors.

碧潭的天空 Skies of Bitan

Gorgeous as always. I’m tired of gear discussions, and even more tired of film vs. digital ones. The notion that digital is quick and fuss-free is just wrong, as nearly every image could use some kind of adjustment. To wit, I’m still working on post-production of a digital shoot I did last Saturday right. If I’d shot film I could have processed and scanned everything by now. Maybe next time.

You did justice with a very stunning model.

Oh, by the way, my absolute fabourite is the last b/w portrait.

Did a workshop with Black + White Photography magazine last Friday, and I was the only one shooting film. The odd thing was that none of the people there had to justify using digital, but I had to face questions about using film, as if it was a foregone conclusion that everyone used digital these days, and not merely a matter of choice between two different media.

exactly… I am sure that a gazillion people prefer digital over film for its ease of use, quick access to the images, very clean images etc…. but there are lots of good (!) reasons to shoot film as well and its a choice you make… I guess lots of people have forgotten what film can look like… a comment I receive from digital shooters quite often is that my… “black and white conversions are really beautiful- how do you do it?” 🙂

Lovely, lovely, lovely 🙂
So, you didn’t shoot anything in the rain? I thought that might have made some interesting pictures 🙂
The author of that article you mentioned has obviously shown their ignorance about film, cost is way down on the list below quality/look and feel compared to digital.
I just got some Fuji 3000B instant b&w film that I’m looking forward to using.

It was REALLY raining – and we were in the middle of nowhere – so it would have gotten very cold waiting for our transport…. the last images are actually in light rain – but you don’t see it…..

Are those two articles available online? BTW,what’s your favorite film photography magazine in Englsih? Regards.

I tried to find an online version – no luck. I don’t have a magazine I read regularly and it all depends what they cover if I get it or not…. I have to say I prefer french magazines over english or german ones …as they focus much more on pictures than on gear..and I am a bit tired of reading gear reviews 🙂

Nice serie, do you plan, one day, to release a book ?

currently not… but if – I will post it here first 🙂

Hi Jan… What can I say??? We say in Holland “Nondeju… Wat ongelofelijk mooi!” Model, expression, composition… STUNNING!


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