19. April 2011


First nude shoot in almost three months. Jennifer travelled up to Brussels last Saturday for a 3 hour session in one of my favorite and often used locations  – a bed and breakfast in Ixelles/Brussels. It was as well the first time I used my Rolleiflex again after having it cleaned and adjusted while being in Hamburg earlier this month… now it feels like new …and it better does – the fix wasn’t exactly cheap… the camera is just way to  precious to sit unused on the shelf due to sticky shutter issues…

4 films are still to be developed (2 colour / 2 bw)  – I am optimistic that there is more to post when they are ready… if so, Behold Part II will follow…


All square images taken with Rolleiflex 2,8F and ilford HP5+ Film
All 35mm images taken with Leica MP /75mm and Kodak Tri-X


Also impatiently waiting for my Rollei to be shipped back from Frankfurt. Gosh aren’t they expensive these repairs!
As usually, very tasteful, stylish portraiture.

I arrived on this blog through your profile on Flickr. And I have to say I love your work. Simple, natural, sensible, with great models and perfect use of natural light. Great inspiration and motivation to progress with my pictures.

Did you use any flash or artificial light sources?

Its only light from the windows – no other light source or reflector used.

Hi Jan

Just linked to your new blog from your Flickr page. Fantastic. I love the layout. It’s fun to hear about the shooting – the cameras – the models – the locations… and I like seeing the series from the shoot all at once. The site seems to be fairly simple to navigate too. Bravo! TJ

Congratulations on your new blog. Everything about your work is stunning, your understanding of light and and posing is second to none.
I look forward to seeing your future blogs.

All the best

Great blog Jan, I’m a big fan and this is much better than Flickr 🙂 Great design and as tasteful as your photo work.

Nice new blog! I’m looking forward to visiting it in the future.

In regard to the pictures you posted of Jennifer, I really like the tone of the HP5+. It’s just wonderful. One of my favorite films. FP4 is another good one. Do you scan your own negatives or does a lab do it for you? I can’t seem to get good quality scans from my negs/slides.

Best to you,

Hi Roger… I scan my negatives myself… I get consistent results with black and white…. with colour I am having some issues sometimes…

May I ask what scanner you are using?

I am using a Nikon V for 35mm and an Epson V750 for anything larger

so unheimlich viel sinnlichkeit gepaar mit natuerlichkeit und lichter.stimmungen. mag ich, liebe ich. liebst antje

I very much admire your work, which I follow on Flickr. I shoot only digital, but your images make me think I would be pleased to shoot film again. Your photos suggest that there is some character in film that isn’t easily attained in digital capture.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Jan,

Great work! Good luck with your blog!

Best regards,


Deine Akte haben immer so eine gewisse “Leichtigkeit”. Und das macht sie so außerordentlich großartig.

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