27. September 2011


The shoot with Charlotte was already planned for some time … but due to terrible weather never really scheduled – until last weekend, when it finally  took place. It was already the third shoot we did with hopefully more to follow… she reminds me a bit of my all-time-favorite supermodel Helena Christensen – especially the eyes are equally georgeous… prior our first shoot her agency sent me a simple snapshot and asked if I could take a few pictures of her to have something for her portfolio… (instant “yes” from my side) …it was her first shoot and we met downtown Gent to take the pictures… (attached)… second shoot was in my “living room”-studio and we produced one of my personal favorites from my portfolio…. (attached) … this time we went to the Belgian coast and shot late afternoon until early evening for some great soft sun light…. and again it was a very relaxed and fun session!  ….the way back in the evening was less fun – a major traffic jam made us move at a pace of about 7km per hour  … all of Belgium was apparently using the nice weather to spend the day at the beach.

shot with a Nikon F4 and Nikkor 1.4/50mm (stuck at f2) and Fuji Acros…. the beautiful make-up by Charlotte’s mother Annick.

…if you haven’t seen it yet, here the link to an interview on the [FRAMED] show we did end of last week… many thanks to Melissa and the team for having me on the show 🙂



Hey! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform
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I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of
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There’s obviously a lot to learn about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Many thanks!

You have some great ideas! Maybe I ought to consider trying this myself.
Thank you, so much!.

Great set.

it is almost perfect work, but I would like to see what you could do with a 6×6 camera like a rolliflex in your hands,

Very nice pictures, soft and so beautiful. C’est magnifique.

Spectacular work, which went great experience it was definitely worth the Avanse 7 km per hour, the results are incredible, Charlotte is beautiful, that much I miss seeing her body expression smile a little. congratulations excellent work.

Your shots are simply amazing! Love your work!

7, 11, 18, 29 – incredible.

wow, just amazing, love this entire album. How can you get the best from your model during the photo shoot? they always look perfect!

you’re giving me inspiration!

cheers from Sardinia, Italy


the thing with you is your consistency, you produce a huge amount of excellent shots everytime…damn

may I ask if you hire models or just ask around? you surely have a great taste there too.


Also (and please forgive me) by using zone 7 on the bright parts of the face do you mean you are effectively metering for the bright parts of the face and then over exposing by 2 stops in a front light situation? If so how are you not getting the highlights blown? I find it remarkable how well exposed the subject is. Would love an explanation if you have the time.



Stunning work, not only the film (which I love) but also the model. The best things (for me) are the angles, the use of light, the proximity to the model, the choice of backdrop. The model does a great job of getting the right ‘looks’ at the right angles too. Really inpiring!

Hi Jan,

Great series again. I really love the elegance in these shots.

Greetings Maarten

What a beautiful set! Lovely model, beautiful emotions, yummy and creamy tones… actually there are no enough adjectives to describe these pictures!

Great images Jan. Love your work and awesome interview as well. Cheers from Mexico.

Such a great series, once again.
I’m really impressed by the shallow & soft depth of field you got on the whole set. Was you always at f/2 ? Btw, I was wondering if you used a filter to densify the sky ?
Sorry for the technical questions, I’m just curious !

Beautiful set. Her eyes are stunning.

Unbelievable beautiful work Jan. A couple of weeks ago I met her mom at a wedding that I shot. She told me her daughter did ‘some’ modeling. I never could have imagined that she was this good…

Thanks Wes, … what a small world! 🙂
Charlotte is fantastic … and so relaxed to work with… one of the models I could shoot with over and over again..

Stunning beautiful. Keep them coming.

I’m such an admirer of your work! Love everything about the way you shoot 🙂

Stunning work as always. Great choices in the lighting, and the real plus is the way your models just fall in the feeling of the shoot. They give. it shows. You let them come out, and do the least possible to interfere in the capture of the magic. Kudos!

I’m really looking forward for the pictures with gaby at paris; if you’re going to, when do you think you’re going to post them? Thank you 🙂

they will be posted whenever I find some time – I guess within the next two weeks is realistic – still some scanning to be done 🙂

I love the images. I also love that it is with a half broken lens. I have a 20mm stuck at 2.8 and an Olympus half frame with one shutter speed and one aperture. It is freeing, liberating and challenging. It isn’t about the equipment.

Hi Jan,

Can I ask you how you are metering these? I notice that when strongly back lit, you choose to leave the face a little under exposed (which I love and I’m wondering how you are metering in this situation. Thanks.


p.s. becoming a big fan of your work. the poloardo #40 is unvelievable.

Thanks James….If I have more or less a front lighting situation I place the bright parts of the face on and around zone 7… with backlighting most of the time closer to zone 5….

Sorry to continue this discussion but I’m not super familiar with the Zone system. Zone 5 means that you are using what the meter is telling you correct? Zone 7 being two stops over what the meter says? This is spot with spot metering yes? Just curious because I have tried over and over…metering in different ways to expose for shadows and I tend to get the shadows too bright and thus aren’t recording as I see them.

exactly… spot metering and then placing the exposure on the meter reading or two stops above. I don’t know if you scan or wet print… but that process has quite an influence on how the final result will look… so for my way of working and my way of scanning the rule with zone 5 or 7 works quite ok… for somebody else it might be differently…

Hallo Jan ,

mir gefallen die Bilder sehr gut .
Sie sie sind sehr gefühlvoll und doch voller Stärke .
Aber neben dem bezaubernden Model – gefällt mir auch die Umgebung in der die Aufnahmen aufgenommen wurden – vor allem das Bild wo sie auf den Steinen sitzt .
Sehr gute Arbeit von euch Beiden .

LG Marcel

Jan – great stuff as always…are you adding any fill with a reflector on some of these?

Thanks Rob – it was just us two – no-one there to hold a reflector or alike. But sand and dunes are a good reflector in themselves.

I have always liked the picture that you took in your living room. The tones on that picture are just wonderful!! Great set of pictures. Keep up the good work! Also, enjoyed watching the interview on Framed. It was well deserved.

Man, I am in love with your photography as it is really an amazing work. Really well done. You are an inspiration to me now 🙂

Oh, this time, your model eyes are seriously gorgeous. The one difference I noticed this time is about facial expressions! In your previous works, models often delivers a sense of oblivion, sadness or emptiness! But this time, I think she is happier! Did you ask her to smile a bit or it was all natural again!?

Keep up the great work.

Thanks… I guess its just her positive nature that shines through… I did not have to ask for it.

That’s amazing! Well done to her and you once again 🙂

Nice shoot… #21 really hits the high note for me.

A lovely set here, Jan. Cracking outfits and great use of the light and location. I would never have guessed this is the same model from the shot on the bridge (one of my all time fave shots of yours). How much time has passed between this shoot and the first? Didn’t you shoot any medium format at all?


Hi Nasir… it must have been 2.5 years between those shots … I had some Polaroid 55 with me, but it always got stuck in the holder so I gave it up after some time and solely used the Nikon.

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