16. October 2011


My blog posts are getting a bit out of sequence – there are still three sessions I need to blog from the last few weeks… hope to find the time soon. These are from yesterday’s session with beautiful Claire in Brussels. I was very lucky to be able to shoot at all… the model originally planned for this shoot cancelled the evening before… if I would not have booked a location, I would probably just have enjoyed a “free” saturday… but since I had this beautiful location I quickly sent emails to a few models I thought  would fit the theme – not really optimistic that someone would be available on such short notice …. fortunately I was wrong! I posted all images I scanned and edited. I used a slightly different exposure and scanning technique this time. I overexposed the shots by one or two stops compared to my usual way of working, which required to pull down the exposure while scanning, which increased the contrast a little…

I shot the polaroids with a Pathfinder 110B converted to 4×5 – handheld with shutter speeds between 1/4s and 1/15s – as you can see… the remaining images are shot with Nikon F4  & 1.4/50mm & 2.5/105mm and Kodak Tri-x. Additionally I used a Nikon FM2 filled with Kodak Vision3 500T Motion Picture Film – very excited to see the results. I have to send them to the US for development and scanning – I will post them as soon as I have them back…




Gorgeous series. What film(s) are you using? Processed with what developer?

[…] last shoot with claire is here – in case you are interested…. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: […]

The photos show the 24×36 film limits, photo are good but much better the photos that you did with 4,5×6 cm or 4×5 inch

Jan, via facebook kwam ik hier op je site terecht, wat een super gaaf werk. echt top klasse fotografie!
groeten uit groningen nederland edwinvandegraaf

What is this models name, and great series.

Kodak Vision 500T

und ??????????

gibt es schon was zu sehen ?
schickst du die nach amerika ?
keine angst vorm flughafenscanner ? (dazu hab ich keine infos gefunden)

viel erfolg weiterhin

Hab ich leider noch nicht mal abgeschickt…. :-/

…daher teste ich das ja erstmal… wenn alles ok ist, dann nutze ich es öfter – wenn es durch den scanner oder was auch immer komisch wird, lasse ich es sein… Habe aber schon so einiges an Film durch Flughafenscanner gehen sehen… und schon oft Film in den USA bestellt und nie Probleme gehabt… also ich bin optimistisch 🙂


I still have a lot to learn…
You’re a inspirator for me, thanks!

Great stuff! I like the vibe that the handheld 4×5 shots give with the slight motion. Also, I’ve been planning on trying the 500t, so I’m really interested to see how it turned out.

You have some great ones in this series!
Keep the good work up! 🙂

Another alluring series. My favorites are the ones from straight on, where Claire gazes right into the lens.

Nasir, i sometimes get the same horizontal lines on my negatives when I use a plastic reel. It’s maddening enough that I’m driven to use the harder-to-use steel reels and risk getting the film to stick to itself from loading them improperly rather than have each frame marred with scratches.

I’m presently having a Pathfinder modified, too. Can’t wait to try it.

Great series as always, well done.

Your work is very inspiring. Keep them coming.

I like the direct gaze of the model in no 18 and the pastel colors of no 1. Both are very nice!

Such a wonderful location, Jan. I like how different the Pathfinder shots are to the 35mm. I’m going to help a friend of mine convert an old 110B to 5×4 as a winter project.
I can’t wait to see the 500T shots 🙂
Is there some scratching on your 35mm, the black parallel lines across some of the frames?

Hallo Jan,

Gratuliere zu dieser sehr schöne Serie .
Die Polaroids haben eine schöne Tonung obwohl sie mir teilweise etwas unscharf erscheinen .
Am Besten gefällt mir hier von den Polaroids das 5te Bild – die Farben der Bücher machen das Bild sehr farbenfroh und schön .

Die ganzen Portraits in s/w, treffen richtig meinen Geschmack – die Tonung ist sehr schön .

Fantastisch finde ich die gefühlvolle Darstellung – mit einer schönen sensiblen Ausstrahlung des Models .
Wo bei sie mir auf den zweiten Bild etwas skeptisch/mürrisch erscheint .

Der zuletzt genannte Film wird sicher bestimmte Vorzüge haben – die diesen Aufwand in der Entwicklung/Scans rechtfertigen .
Bei Google die Beispielbilder haben mich nicht überzeugt – sicher wirst du damit schönes erzeugt haben 🙂

LG Marcel

Very nice series, excellent model!

It’s interesting to see, how you try not to stop at one technical level… often using another equipment etc.
This time, Nr. 8 and 9 are my favorites! 🙂

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