15. July 2011

in the rain

What a week! Two shoots got cancelled the previous weekend, the shoots this weekend are facing a terrible weather forecast and the shoot with Sixtine took place despite grey and rainy weather… we were thinking about canceling, but as this was the last chance to shoot together for a long time, we decided to try it anyway… I wish we hadn’t :-/

We were shooting in a park in Brussels that is normally packed with families, kids, runners and other sun hungry people… not of course on a grey and rainy day, which I thought was an advantage until halfway into the shoot we were mugged by a gang of three just maybe 50m away from a busy street – taking our money, mobile phone, bags and camera !  The only good thing is that I kept part of the exposed film in the pocket of my jacket…. what you see here… pictures of happier times…



Sorry to hear about this bad experience, Jan, and hope you can get some money back from insurance. A friend of mine had his Nikon F2 with 24mm f/2.0 lens stolen a few years back. Since it was a pro-level camera in its day it was heavily insured and my friend ended up being able to afford the top Canon DSLR and and “L” lens with the payment (not that I’d dare suggesting going digital, but my friend got a nice payment).

Many thanks for all your kind comments! It was/is a very annoying experience – but nobody got hurt and only some gadgets missing… so not too much to worry about. I have a backup Contax – that I got two weeks ago because I could not image being without a contax ever again… maybe I am lucky and will get something back from the insurance! Thanks again!!

Jan, that is a very said story indeed! But do not let it enter deep in your soul. Every great photographer can tell something similar. One who do nothing, has nothing to tell either. What is really important is that both of you were not harmed. Personally I would give all my cameras away just to get to half of your level!

Looking forward to seeing new work from you!

Das gibt es doch gar nicht! Wirklich sehr ärgerlich!!!
Ich hoffe, du findest zeitnahe Ersatz fürs Equipment. Zum Glück ist aber nicht mehr passiert.

Wieder wunderbare Portraits~~~

Oh no, Jan. I feel sick to my stomach after reading about your ordeal. What a nightmare. At least you were both unharmed physically so there is that to consider as a positive. Hopefully the thieves won’t even know what to do with a film camera and it might show up on ebay or in a 2nd hand store somewhere.

Don’t let this discourage you from shooting again.

Alex Shoykhetbrod

Hey guys what do you think about a small financial support for the new Contax for Jan ? I’am ready to spend some money for his arts !!!
@Jan please post your Account-Information for the potential donation !!!!
The Art should stay a live !!!!

Schrecklich. Da fällt man erst mal in ein Loch. 🙁
Aber immerhin geht es euch gut!

Tut mir sehr leid.

Jan… what a terrible story! In my opinion is that the worst nightmare and experience what you can happen during a shoot. Lost your art, some of your equipment and the private stuff from both of you. A good thing to hear is that physically nothing happens with both of you! I hope you both will recover soon.


That sucks!! I’m so sorry to hear that that happened to you. Please tell me that they didn’t take your Contax? You were getting some really good work out of that camera. Hope they catch those thieves!

I really sorry me too.
i follow often your marvellous activity

So was bringt einen auf die Palme. Ich hoffe euch ist nichts passiert. Brüssel ist echt voller Gegensätze. Lass dich nicht runter kriegen.

What a storry. Really sorry for the equipment but be happy that not more happend.

Great pictures anyway!!


Jan, so sorry to hear what happened. Hope you will recover soon and continue your wonderful work.

Best wishes.

Damn Jan, that is terrible luck. Hope you’re insured!

Shiver me timbers, them’s some great inintmarfoo.

Was für Arschlöcher! Die Contax ist also weg? Tut mir sehr leid Jan.

Damn, sorry for your loss. I hope you didn’t lose too much.
The Pictures are good, however.

So sorry to hear that. What a bummer.

Really sorry to hear this.
Contax was stolen?

Beautiful Photos!

Damn! Sorry to hear, man. What was saved is pretty. Hopefully better things to come…

oh damn, what a bad story…i am so sorry with your loss…but be happy that the guys did not more with you both…

Oh this is hard -. But look – all the things do not matter – the main thing is you live … And after all, a shoot can be repeated, the Contax was stolen..?

Nice Photos again

Best Regards

Jan – so sorry to hear that. Wish I was there as a bodyguard!

For what it’s worth, these images are great – maybe the only silver lining in the experience. Hope you can recover the camera and film – what a shame.

Bin immer wieder von deinen harmonischen Tonwerten begeistert. Welchen Tipp würdest du geben, was die Filmwahl und das Entwickeln angeht?

Really sorry to hear this. Which park was it?

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