disappearing one

This one was shot yesterday in Leuven featuring beautiful Lisa… I decided to take the train to Leuven and met Lisa at the station… from where we walked about 10 minutes to the location. It was a good idea to take the train, finding a parking spot would have been a nightmare!

…the room was more modern than I usually look for – and despite being quite large, was a bit difficult to use… radiators very prominently placed under the windows, a huge unmovable TV and the walls were colored differently – some dark, some light… the room itself was nice to stay in, but for photography not really ideal… but the type of room and the relative darkness asked for something a bit more melancholic …and thats what we did…

I used an old Polaroid 600SE Camera loaded with Fuji FP100C Film, which totally surprised me… I only used this for snapshots and making-ofs before…. what a mistake. I was amazed how well it managed even the contrast with the sunlight…unfortunately I had only 1.5 packs with me…. on top of that I used a Nikon F4 with Tri-x… I was shooting with the Nikon, and when I saw something really nice, I took a shot with the Polaroid… I also shot one film Kodak 500T and will show them once available… I am still collecting film before sending it back to the US….


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