13. November 2011

disappearing one

This one was shot yesterday in Leuven featuring beautiful Lisa… I decided to take the train to Leuven and met Lisa at the station… from where we walked about 10 minutes to the location. It was a good idea to take the train, finding a parking spot would have been a nightmare!

…the room was more modern than I usually look for – and despite being quite large, was a bit difficult to use… radiators very prominently placed under the windows, a huge unmovable TV and the walls were colored differently – some dark, some light… the room itself was nice to stay in, but for photography not really ideal… but the type of room and the relative darkness asked for something a bit more melancholic …and thats what we did…

I used an old Polaroid 600SE Camera loaded with Fuji FP100C Film, which totally surprised me… I only used this for snapshots and making-ofs before…. what a mistake. I was amazed how well it managed even the contrast with the sunlight…unfortunately I had only 1.5 packs with me…. on top of that I used a Nikon F4 with Tri-x… I was shooting with the Nikon, and when I saw something really nice, I took a shot with the Polaroid… I also shot one film Kodak 500T and will show them once available… I am still collecting film before sending it back to the US….



Hi there,

Great work as always! I am happy to see the 100C pics. Really stunning. Have you shot with the 3000B? It is amazing and I think will suit your style for sure! Keep up the great work.

After every weekend i wait to see your new photos pop up on my flickr stream 🙂 I enjoyed the video interview you did a few weeks ago too. Quick question. On one of the photos you wrote a caption saying if you ever had a studio you would have it facing south. I was wondering why south? Since the sun goes east to west. I’m sure there is an amazing reason i haven’t thought of but that just seemed interesting to me. thanks!

Hi Nikc,

here in northern Europe, the sun is most of the day on the southerly sky – sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower – depending on the season. If you want sun in your apartment or studio or balcony most of the day, you would look for something facing south… hope this makes it more clear 🙂

ah that makes sense for sure. thanks!

Really like the pola shots. Think I will order some fuji Fp100 straight away!

how do you choose the locations? Mostly referring to the hotel rooms, do you just look for hotels in the area that might be inexpensive or look for those that have photos of the rooms in their website?

I look mostly for small hotels, bed and breakfasts and alike – most of the time they are much nicer decorated than the standard hotel chains. I always go for the pictures pm the website – but often its hard to judge what the room will really be like.

Beatiful job, as usual! Love your work.
I don’t understand the last thing you said: ” I am still collecting film before sending it back to the US” Can I ask what it means? Do you send the film to US to get it back revealed?
Sorry for the question. Happy to get feedback!

Its a special film that is normally used for movies… it requires some special handling when developing, thats why I send it to the US. Normal film I develop here at home.

thank you for the feedback!

Finde die Serie sehr schön .

Mag die Farben und das Licht .

Das Model hat eine schöne Ausstrahlung .

Sehr gut

LG Marcel

Wonderful series, Jan. Delicious Tri-x tones. How short did you develop it? And what developer did you use? Thanks for sharing.

it seems like fuji fp100c film could be one of the best cohoices for portraits!

I would really like to ask if you used any colour filter while using the Tri-X. Please forgive my technical question!

no color filter.. just not enough light and too short development 🙂

The color ones are more soft an natural, I like them more but also the b&w ones have a beautiful atmosphere.

Keep up. 🙂

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