imaginary love

Shot last Saturday in Antwerp in a beautiful guest house with Bo as our model and Joke as make-up artist (<– fantastic line-up!) … the place was very close to the shopping district which made the search for a (low cost) parking spot quite  a nightmare… but the place was more than worth it! I planned on shooting large format mixed with either 35mm or 645… the classic theme made me choose the Contax 645 and the Zeiss 2/80mm for the smoother tones… For large format I took the Linhof Technika with a 135 and 210 lens… I was thinking about taking the Aero Ektar, but as I was not sure about the available light in the house I opted for the more versatile camera in terms of shutter speeds (with the Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar 1/30 sec is the lower limit… unless you expose with the lens cap)… film was Kodak Tri-x 400 for the Contax and Tri-x320 in 4×5.

I used again some movie-stock Kodak Vision3 500T in a Nikon FE2… I hope I will be able to get these rolls developed and scanned soon…. title is a song from Rufus Wainwright – the outfit and style of the shoot made me think of his music… hope you like it!

UPDATE 11 Dec 2011: added some color images I just developed: Kodak Portra 400 / Contaxt 645


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