3. December 2011

Paris II

This post is long overdue – Gabriella at Paris – shot in August if I remember correctly. It has become almost a tradition that whenever Gaby is planning to be in Paris, I am trying to arrange a shooting-weekend there as well – she is a sure recipe for great pictures! It was shot in the room I stayed at while in Paris – the reception of the Hotel was already monitoring suspiciously the different girls that “visited” me in my room… The room itself was extremely small. It was basically the bed and a little bit of space around it – luckily we had the balcony as some additional room – but then its not really comfortable shooting nude on a balcony in the open. The room was quite dark and the balcony door the only source of light, which is a sure recipe for interesting, yet challenging light.

I used Kodak Tri-X in a Nikon F4 and a Contax 645…

on a side note: just got myself a Nikon FM3a in black off of ebay in perfect condition … I am really looking forward using it… it feels and looks fantastic! If they would build digital SLRs with the same simplicity, charm and beauty.. I might be tempted to get one….maybe  🙂


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best model shots so far, Gaby is a peach, you have a very lucky hobby, #5 and #8 for me

Das Set kannte ich noch nicht 🙂 Ich habe mir mal wieder deine Lichtführung angeschaut und gestaunt, wie du in jedes Bild Athmosphäre zauberst…sensationell !!

DSLRs nowadays are really great, you can really take pictures in a flash and you can have them developed in a minute or two. *:*’,

Yours trully

all great! #13 and 14 and just classic though!

Hello Jan,
I feel you have potential. If you would like some constructive criticism to your work, drop me a note.

Best regards,
Doug V

Beautiful series. Love the coloured shot where she is seated by the window.

still one of the top five photographers on the web…perhaps at the top. exquisite work. And for you to be working with Gabriella is a double treat. Thank you!

For me it has to be #9.

Gabriella puts the FINE and you put the ART in fine art photography.

Gabriella is the best! Your comment about her being a sure recipe for great pictures is an understatement, having shot her myself on several occasions, but your work is always outstanding no matter who the model is. Every frame here is gorgeous. You captured some beautiful shots despite the confined space you had to work within. My favorites are #3, #5 and #8. Love the lighting and the mood of #8.

Beautiful work. Love the tones and expressions of your model. Well done!


Absolutely beautiful. May I ask how you meter and get it so perfect all the time?

thanks… I meter with a spot meter once and then keep on using the same setting until the light situation changes… normally that works quite well

Wonderful images,bravo!!! Wich lens,please? Andrea Quattrini (Rome, Italy)

Thanks Andrea… I used a normal lens on all of these… Zeiss 2/80mm on the medium format 645 and a Nikkor 1.4/50mm on the Nikon

Thank’s Jan,I love the “normal” lens like 50 for 35mm or 80 for medium format, you are a maestro about this lenses.
You are a great photographer, congratulations again. Andrea

Like them all Jan, well done. Just wondering why you sometimes shoot with both a 35mm and medium format camera in a session!? Is there any specific reason for that? Cheers,

no… I just too both with me to Paris to have all options and to back up each other… I knew I wanted to use MF on the other shoot I did… and here I just used both as both were available anyway… but basically I will choose the Contax if I want a smoother look and the 35mm if I am happy to go with a bit more grain.

Thanks for the reply man,

A lovely set. Well worth the wait. I’ll have to look up the FM3a as I’m not familiar with it. I’ve still got my two black FM2’s I bought in the late 80’s, my original SLR’s which I’m going to dust off and put back into action soon 🙂

Jan. This set is so stunning and sensual…absolutely beautiful. My favorites are #7 & 9 How do you get this serene and thoughtful poses? Is this something that comes from having a slow process where you just let her be and wait, or what is your method on these…if you are willing to share.

Thanks James… I am not sure there is a recipe… it depends on the model and all. I try to explain the concept, what I am looking for and then hope she finds a good pose by herself… then I only direct small things… the more natural a model gets into a pose, the more natural it will look… I guess 🙂

An inspiration. Every frame is sensual and an excellent exposure.

bilder toll. wie fast immer ;D fm3a schoss ich auch vor ein paar wochen, will die nicht mehr missen. für mich das endstück aller nikon kameras 😀

Love them all but I think number 9 has to be my favorite. You capture the essence of a women so beautifully.

Beautiful set. The lighting is great.

Great shots, as usual! I was wondering, do you use a stylist and/or a make-up artist for these type of shoots? Or is it just you and the model?

Thanks… here its just me and the model- like most of the time… if there are stylists or visagists involved I normally mention them in the blog… what I do is to send the model some example images of what I have in mind in regard to styling and ask her to bring some of her own things… then we chose the things that fit best… I only ask a visagist / stylist to join us if I have a theme in mind that requires more complicated make-up or hair-do…. I have been shooting with too many models that looked gorgeous before the make-up and only half as good afterwards… but I have a few favorite make-up-artist that do fantastic work – which really make the models shine…. and if ever possible I ask one of them….

je suis toujours aussi fan de votre travail ,bravo

Hi Jan,

All images are very good, because of the light and the modeling capabilities of Gaby. Number 5 is my favorite. It’s so pure and so real. It could be a realistic scene. I also choose number 9. The light here is so beautiful. I really love the light in the small piece of her hair in front of her face. So… Good work again!


Great as usual!!! Can’t wait to see the photos you will take with the Nikon FM3a!

GREAT series! No.5 is my favorite!

you posted it! amazing as usual!

Magnificent, esp. 5-7 & 17 – can’t even explain, why 🙂

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