Paris II Dec03


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Paris II

This post is long overdue – Gabriella at Paris – shot in August if I remember correctly. It has become almost a tradition that whenever Gaby is planning to be in Paris, I am trying to arrange a shooting-weekend there as well – she is a sure recipe for great pictures! It was shot in the room I stayed at while in Paris – the reception of the Hotel was already monitoring suspiciously the different girls that “visited” me in my room… The room itself was extremely small. It was basically the bed and a little bit of space around it – luckily we had the balcony as some additional room – but then its not really comfortable shooting nude on a balcony in the open. The room was quite dark and the balcony door the only source of light, which is a sure recipe for interesting, yet challenging light.

I used Kodak Tri-X in a Nikon F4 and a Contax 645…

on a side note: just got myself a Nikon FM3a in black off of ebay in perfect condition … I am really looking forward using it… it feels and looks fantastic! If they would build digital SLRs with the same simplicity, charm and beauty.. I might be tempted to get one….maybe  :-)

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