Today’s post is a little photo diary of my 5-day trip home to Hamburg last week:

First, a few pictures from a shoot with Desiree at the river Elbe south of Hamburg…

Second, an “attempted”  shoot with Aki and Jochen on the north sea island Sylt… an absolutely fantastic location with so many nice colours, textures, scenery… and absolutely miserable weather. To see what it looked, felt and sounded like, check this video taken by Jochen… it did not take long and we decided to seek shelter in a close-by restaurant still optimistic that it will get better and we can actually start shooting… well it didn’t…

Last event is the birthday party of my mum with a few pictures of close familiy…. I will add some more info/comments with the pictures.



  1. Andrew
    27. July 2011 / 21:12

    Are the photographs from the family party Porta or 400H rated at 100?

    • 27. July 2011 / 21:18

      its Portra 400 rated at 400… but as soon as the light allowed, I leaned towards overexposing.

      • Andrew
        28. July 2011 / 21:05

        Thanks for the info. I thought they were 400 until I saw the fork and plate photo, which looks over exposed. Nice work, as usual.

  2. Marcel
    27. July 2011 / 21:48

    Muss mir mal die Tage deine ganzen neuen Bilder erstmal zu Gemüte führen .
    Tolle Website – mir gefallen hier die Bilder von Desiree sehr gut – mit ihrem zarten Aussehen – war sie für deine Bilder ideal – hattet ihr nur wenig Zeit?
    Sonst machst du doch mehr Aufnahmen 😀
    Also sie hat was sehr kunstvolles -vor allem in ihrer Körpersprache .
    Sehr Fein wiedermal

    Liebe Grüße Marcel

  3. 28. July 2011 / 13:27

    Hi Jan,

    Very nice series. All the model images are great as usual. Also nice to see the film created by Jochen. Despite the bad weather you both did a wonderful job. I saw some images at Jochen’s stream. Like the annivarsery images of your mother too. Love the bright light in all the images. Also nice to read the poem you write to your mother. (Mein Deutsch ist noch nicht so schwach bemerke ich 😉 ) As I can see your mother did have a wonderful day.

    Greetings Maarten

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