7. August 2011

bees dream of flowers

We had this shoot scheduled for early July, but had to cancel due to miserable weather … since then we were desperately looking for a date with a “usable”  weather forecast (i.e. no rain and temperatures above 15C)… we had to wait quite a bit!

For Monday and Tuesday they finally forecasted good weather and we managed to schedule this shoot on Monday and the shoot with Zoi (previous post) on Tuesday… I left work on both days as early as possible and went to the locations, which are each about a 1.5 hours drive from Brussels… when I arrived at Cadzand (NL), the beach was overcrowded as far as the eye could see … as we planned shooting partially nude and later with a horse I had no clue how that would work out… technically it would not have been possible to fit a horse between any two towels on the beach…. well, almost…

The horses were scheduled for 18:00 – still some time to go – still some hope it might improve … shooting on location is contingency management… I found two two tiny locations where we were at least a little covered from the view of the masses… when later the horses arrived the beach was less crowded and we could use a strip close to the water …we were approaching low tide and the beach got wider – lucky us!… for many little girls around, our horses were definitely the attraction of the day.

Unfortunately the horses did not really care about my instructions… it was quite tough getting them on the picture like I wanted to… I was desperately running and jumping around the horse/model scene – trying to capture something good in all the action… I am amazed that the final pictures look all very serene … I remember it differently 🙂

After the friendly people with the horses left again it got really empty at the beach and we could do a quick last session at the water in the best of light…. fabulous day, wonderful model and everything worked out nicely…. what more can you ask for!

I drove home afterwards to return at 22:00 – dead-tired …but could not resist developing the first pictures…. they were ready to be scanned at 24:00… going to bed at around 02:00 to get up for work again at 05:30…. I followed exactly the same procedure after the shoot with Zoi on Tuesday …did not get much sleep that week … since then it’s grey and rainy again and a shoot got cancelled today… but luckily I have some great memories to live on 🙂



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the colour work is great, and #24 and #25 really blow me away, she is nearly as pretty as Gaby

Albert Dombrowski

Me-lady Queen, is this the real you? I can understand the reasons on why, but I humbly ask or better and safer, methinks. Let me know somehow?

Excellent experience. beautiful results.

Wie bereits vielfach erwähnt – tolle Serie mit wunderschönen, relaxten Bildern. Deinen stressigen Tag merkt man den Bildern in keinster Weise an.
Was mich interessieren würde – wie handlest du das harte Sonnenlicht?
Und wie vermeidest du Nasenschatten, Augenringe, schwarze Löcher anstatt Augen, etc. was bei Sonnenlicht, wenn man nicht gerade den perfekten grauen Himmel als Softbox hat, schnell passieren kann?
Danke und Grüße

Danke! Wir haben am frühen Abend geshootet, d.h. das Sonnenlicht kam schon eher von vorne bzw hinten als von oben… ausserdem fotografier ich viel gegen das Licht – dann hat man mit Schatten keine grosse Probleme… man kann Film auch ziemlich strapazieren, was die Belichtung angeht – das hilft auch gegen harte Kontraste.


Danke dir!
Wenn du gegen das Licht fotografierst – misst du den Belichtung manuell IM Gesicht des Models und übernimmst die Werte für die Kamera? Das funktioniert selbst bei Gegenlichtaufnahmen bei denen das Model die Sonne nur knapp verdeckt?
Nochmals Grüße

Really great handling of light. I like the model and her authentical kind of posing.

Love your work Jan! I shoot digital but the beautiful colour and tones you have in this set in particular are to die for… I have recently invested in Exposure 3 plug in for my natural light work in an attempt to emulate the 160NC, I stress emulate as film is film after all, there’s a preset for that film stock but despite hours of tweaking I’m still not hitting the tones, a work in progress! In the mean time I can dream of these colours through your work!

Great work man. Cheers from Mexico!

The last part of the session, when the beach was empty is great. It “lives” more then the rest, if you know what i mean. (Of course the other pictures are great too!)

Excellent images … thanks for sharing. Your comments are very interesting.
Apparently photographers suffer the same problems anywhere in the world

Bien le bonjour de France,(Hi from France)

It’s an amazing photoshoot. Really nice cap.1-4-26-27 are beautiful and the others too. Congratulations, I’m a new fan =) Continue your work.

Beau travail

Vantz from Alsace

Another excellent set. Your blog is loading nice and fast for me now. Maybe it was my broadband? My service is 50mb so I didn’t think it should be slow at my end. Anyway, it’s nice to see a different format of camera being used by you 🙂

Beautiful Jan! (I’m also your fan)

amazing work ))), I’m your fan ;)!!
8,10,15,18,20 – best

What speed did you rate and then develop the films. I never seem to get my portra to look that nice!

1 6 8 21 and 25 are my favs! Especially nr 21 with the girl’s hair & the horse ‘s manes waving in the wind.

Love this series! But of course I’m a huge fan of pairing models and animals! This looks like it might be from a Contax 645…is that right? And is the color film Fuji 400H? Also, do you do your own C-41 processing or send to lab? Just curious as I love the Fuji 400H…especially slightly overexposed in the Contax! Brilliant work…love it!

Thanks Jay… yes its the Contax with Fuji Acros and Kodak Portra 160NC… I still have some 160NC that I want to expose before it expires… lots of new Portra and 400H in the fridge waiting for their moment 🙂 …but my scanning is not really consistent (it can hardly be, given the scanner/software I am using) so it is quite hard to tell which film it is… I wish I could get the consistency the professional scanners / scanning services get…

May I ask what scanner/software you use?

My favorites are no. 18 and 20, but all are quite good as you probably know. 18 and 20 are just gorgeous. Where do you get all these beautiful models? You are a lucky man just to lay eyes on them let alone take their pictures. Your passion in photography shines through your pictures and instills itself in others. I admire that you process your films as well. Keep it up.

Leider muss ich sagen – dass alle Bilder meine Favoriten sind 🙂

Wirklich ganz wunderschöne Bilder und da hast du wirklich ein ganz besonderes Shooting auf die Beine gestellt und vor allem fotografisch umgesetzt .

EIn Traum !

LG Marcel

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