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….here the series of pictures I took with Coraline last week in Brussels. We had a little discussion recently on facebook about voyeurism and photography, which made me want to do a shoot with a more voyeuristic approach …as I understand it… with a focus on body parts, more “sexually charged”, more provocative…. I hope you like it – merry xmas! 🙂

Contax 645 with Tri-x and Portra 400 and 800
Nikon FM3A with Tri-x

….all exposed at ISO800 (roughly)




  1. 25. December 2011 / 13:53

    Jan, nicht mein Metier, aber deine bisher beste Arbeit. Finde ich.

  2. 25. December 2011 / 14:07

    This post of you made my day! 🙂

    Very good

  3. 25. December 2011 / 14:13


    I think it’s a good work but in my opinion grain is too rough. I prefer your previous shots. Anyway I don’t mean I do not like this one, but maybe it’s because I’m still impressed by the las two ones. Thank you sharing!

  4. Alberto
    25. December 2011 / 14:16


  5. 25. December 2011 / 15:09

    Großartige Serie, Jan! Das Thema, das Du Dir vorgenommen hast, ist mehr als gelungen und geschmackvoll getroffen. Merry X-mas, Thomas

  6. greyhills2
    25. December 2011 / 15:13

    terrific. absolutely terrific.

  7. 25. December 2011 / 16:22

    I like this approach very much. The grain is fine by me, the shallow depth of field combined with the available light brings a lot of sensuality. A few pictures are a bit to much for my taste, but a nice approach and great development in your work. Merry Christmas Jan!

  8. 25. December 2011 / 16:55

    Number 23 is brilliant, and I love what you did with the colors of the curtains and bedspread. Coraline is gorgeous as well, and I love the accentuated grain. Superb set of images I’ll gladly accept as a Christmas gift.

  9. 25. December 2011 / 18:32

    Very nice series, the 23 being the best of all to my point of view. This model having a wonderful breast and since you’re focusing on body parts, it’s the best, with a nice BW, very good framing and a very delicate movement.

  10. 25. December 2011 / 19:31

    Thank you Jan for this fantastic Christmas gift! Andrea

  11. 26. December 2011 / 01:08

    I have followed all your work and haven’t found one that i didn’t like. Your work is just amazing and inspiring.

  12. 26. December 2011 / 03:54

    Wow!! all of your posts are amazing and I love that you’re exploring different sides of femininity while keeping it very classy and tasteful. I’m also loving your technical information that you provide with your different formats!! I’m learning so much from viewing the differences between the formats, the film stocks and your way of approaching the subject. So I’ve noticed that you have used 400h film in the past and now sticking exclusively with portra. Can you tell me your opinions on the two different film stocks in terms of latitude, dynamic range and color rendition? Thank you so much!! Merry Christmas, I look forward to your awesome photography for inspiration every day : )

  13. 26. December 2011 / 10:41

    wonderful set, really love it. and she’s gorgeous!

  14. 28. December 2011 / 12:57

    Great work. And you made almost exactly what you talked about before the shoot. A fan!

  15. 28. December 2011 / 13:28

    Nice set but a bit different! Merry Christmas Jan 🙂

  16. 28. December 2011 / 21:55

    Very inspiring and inspired stream.
    I love the color themes, the light and how you play with the focus.
    Keep going !

  17. slavko
    29. December 2011 / 12:08

    ….the poet of the lighted windows-mesmerizing art

  18. 29. December 2011 / 23:29

    <3<3<3 lov!

  19. 30. December 2011 / 22:17

    I really like this set. Different for you, yes, but in a good way 🙂
    Some of the outfits, the colour and mood make it look and feel like shots from the 70’s. Excellent.
    Did you push process the Portra 400 that you rated at 800? Thanks.

  20. Bryon
    25. January 2012 / 05:44

    Amazing, as always! Love the slightly more distant approach.

  21. matilda
    27. January 2012 / 20:00

    congrats! photos seem like pure sexuality for me , model body and your perspective – frame- are well matched.i like positions of light .

  22. 8. February 2012 / 15:51

    Wonderful. This serie is very interesting and conveys a nearly touchable atmosphere. Do you sell prints ?

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  24. zerkam
    1. May 2012 / 22:17

    hermosas fotografias y mas aún hermosas mujeres

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  26. 18. August 2012 / 16:46

    Absolutely wonderful. This is one my favourite sets of yours. What developer do you normally use/did you use here? Was it Rodinal?

    • 18. August 2012 / 16:49

      Thanks, its Kodak HC110 (B)

  27. slavko
    19. August 2012 / 05:39

    super master erotic nude art!

  28. 28. August 2012 / 22:06

    Great work!!
    Your photos are pure art!

  29. 9. September 2012 / 23:22

    Wenn du dein Blog lange nicht mit aktuellen Aufnahmen füllst, muss man ja wieder ein wenig schmökern und findet auch weiterhin immer wieder Perlen 🙂
    Manchmal denke ich, dass du die erotische Fotografie neu erfindest und sehe Bilder, die ich so noch nie gesehen und erlebt habe.

    Immer wieder aufs Neue begeistert !!!
    Ganz starke Serie !!

  30. 14. April 2013 / 14:19

    Wow! Hermosas fotos. Delicadas. Sexys. Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  31. Genaro
    27. October 2013 / 06:36

    Excelente trabajo en BW

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