5. December 2011

lost and found

….the last days of Summer 2011 with beautiful Nirmala … shot in the wild and untouched nature of westerly Netherlands…well, almost… its a beautiful area, but this time there were people with cameras and binoculars everywhere… and even if you could not see them, you heard voices talking from all directions… and some of these voices seemed to stay very close by and were quite interested in what we were doing…  anyway, once the sun lowered towards the horizon, the people went away and we had the place to ourselves and moved out into the open… sun light and dark skin is really a perfect match!

Contax 645
Fuji Acros 100


Hello Jan,
Great shots, good that I stopped by here on your blog as well, not only on flickr.
My favourites 16, 19, 20, 21.
I also try to use the natural light when I shot the model. Requires more attention to concentrate on the subject than just having the given studio environment.

Ich habe diese Serie in der Natur sehr gern. Das Modell ist sehr niedlich.

Simply gorgeous photos and model! Very nicely done!

I like it when you take your shots outside, and in this set #10 is amazing, along with #7 #8 #9. Another great set.

Beautiful shots of this beautiful lady! Nr 19 is definitely my favorite. I like nr 12 as well, due to the light.

Greetings Maarten

Love them, specially the last ones. Cheers,

Love this set! Lots of stories in a mystique place! Also very inspirational. The combination of sun light and dark skin is really beautiful.

wondrous beauty model, beautiful place, great expression, and THE MOOD

Auf jeden Fall eine schöne Location und Serie!

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