14. June 2011

on a cloud

Session number 3 from the “busy” weekend. Most wonderful dresses and make-up by Sano shot in northern Belgium. Many thanks to Marianne from Ragazza Models for sending us Merel on very short notice – and great thanks to Merel for a great performance! (and to her and her mother for driving all the way to Belgium). Merel spoke excellent German – without any accent… we soon found out that her father is german and from the same area I was born (Ostfriesland, baby!)…

anyway, a fun shoot with talented people and a great spirit… thanks as well to Sano’s team and Marc for the great support!

all shot on contax 645 using fuji acros 100 and portra 160 and fuji 400H…. two images were shot with Linhof Technika and Polaroid 55






Shot 33 blows my mind here.

Jan, all your portrait sessions are a compendium of exquisite taste and talent … how much I enjoy taking a look to your portraits!

Bravo. It’s nice to see the Polaroid 55 make an appearance, how I miss that stuff. I love your contact sheet and I hope you do more of it. That’s something I miss seeing from back in the day.

i am in awe of your images – truly magnificent and always inspirational – thank-you to all involved !

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