17. July 2011

la mer

Many thanks for all your kind posts on our mishap last week!! … best therapy for me – for anything – is to go out shooting… and thats what we did. It was of course already planned for some time and the only thing that was about to stop it was the weather – but we were lucky: only a few light drops during the shoot. I picked up Yve and her boyfriend at the Station in Den Haag and we went to Wassenaar – a small village close to a huge dune area at the sea. It was quite a walk from the car park to the sea – with a Deardorff on your shoulder, another camera bag with a contax and 8×10 film holders it can get quite tough….but it was worth it!  ….luckily I decided to get a back-up contax about two weeks ago… I would not have imaged how quickly I would need it!

The wonderful model is Yve – she is from Poland, studying in Amsterdam currently… you will probably agree, she has a wonderful face ….and is lots of fun to work with. Hope you like the images!

Technical Info:
Deardorff 8×10
Contax 645
Fuji Acros 100
Colour images are on Fuji 400H

What really hurts is to work without my Pentax Spotmeter…. I am blind without it… I am never sure about the camera meter…. fortunately it worked out – more or less.


UPDATE: I tried to answer all emails/posts from this blog that were still open. I hope I did not overlook any – please do not hesitate to send it again… Thanks a lot for all your feedback! 🙂



great series, i really enjoyed it!
also, strings from NIN made me happy 🙂

unbelievable…amazing work.

Absolutely amazing, as usual. And yes, she has a stunning face. You just can’t help but stare. All were great, but 34 was my favorite. Which lens did you use on the Deardorff? Thanks…


Lovely beach stuff! The fuji really sings here, as does Yve! Great to see you picking up right where you left off… Nice!

2 and 29 are epic! Congrats and as everyone here I’m looking forward to your next set! 🙂

Awesome work, love your B&W photos! Would love to be on set when you shoot and post.

great – reminds me of jock sturges

Just in love with these tones, the color and B&W. Great model. Great shots.

Your work is inspiring, what happen to the other Contax?

magnifique, et toute en délicatesse a quand un Workshop ?

Favourite is Number 18 and 28
Very beautyful Lips 🙂

Fantastic !!!!
Very good Therapy 😀

Best Reagards Dimi

Very nice work! These images are so dynamic and relaxed. Not static and/or forced.

Mad talent. Inspiring work!!!

Mad talent. Inspiring work. Glad to see you back in business in no time.

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