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Many thanks for all your kind posts on our mishap last week!! … best therapy for me – for anything – is to go out shooting… and thats what we did. It was of course already planned for some time and the only thing that was about to stop it was the weather – but we were lucky: only a few light drops during the shoot. I picked up Yve and her boyfriend at the Station in Den Haag and we went to Wassenaar – a small village close to a huge dune area at the sea. It was quite a walk from the car park to the sea – with a Deardorff on your shoulder, another camera bag with a contax and 8×10 film holders it can get quite tough….but it was worth it!  ….luckily I decided to get a back-up contax about two weeks ago… I would not have imaged how quickly I would need it!

The wonderful model is Yve – she is from Poland, studying in Amsterdam currently… you will probably agree, she has a wonderful face ….and is lots of fun to work with. Hope you like the images!

Technical Info:
Deardorff 8×10
Contax 645
Fuji Acros 100
Colour images are on Fuji 400H

What really hurts is to work without my Pentax Spotmeter…. I am blind without it… I am never sure about the camera meter…. fortunately it worked out – more or less.


UPDATE: I tried to answer all emails/posts from this blog that were still open. I hope I did not overlook any – please do not hesitate to send it again… Thanks a lot for all your feedback! 🙂




  1. 17. July 2011 / 17:42

    Mad talent. Inspiring work. Glad to see you back in business in no time.

  2. Anna
    17. July 2011 / 18:32

    Mad talent. Inspiring work!!!

  3. 17. July 2011 / 18:44

    Very nice work! These images are so dynamic and relaxed. Not static and/or forced.

  4. Dimi
    17. July 2011 / 19:30

    Fantastic !!!!
    Very good Therapy 😀

    Best Reagards Dimi

  5. Dimi
    17. July 2011 / 19:31

    Favourite is Number 18 and 28
    Very beautyful Lips 🙂

  6. mohamed
    18. July 2011 / 11:39

    magnifique, et toute en délicatesse a quand un Workshop ?

  7. 18. July 2011 / 16:59

    Your work is inspiring, what happen to the other Contax?

  8. Kenny
    18. July 2011 / 19:13

    Just in love with these tones, the color and B&W. Great model. Great shots.

  9. Stefan
    19. July 2011 / 18:20

    great – reminds me of jock sturges

  10. 21. July 2011 / 04:09

    Awesome work, love your B&W photos! Would love to be on set when you shoot and post.

  11. Jan
    21. July 2011 / 13:34

    2 and 29 are epic! Congrats and as everyone here I’m looking forward to your next set! 🙂

  12. 21. July 2011 / 23:55


    Lovely beach stuff! The fuji really sings here, as does Yve! Great to see you picking up right where you left off… Nice!

  13. 11. August 2011 / 01:10

    Absolutely amazing, as usual. And yes, she has a stunning face. You just can’t help but stare. All were great, but 34 was my favorite. Which lens did you use on the Deardorff? Thanks…

  14. angrycyclop
    11. June 2012 / 14:27

    great series, i really enjoyed it!
    also, strings from NIN made me happy 🙂

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