Shoot with a very international team …. the model: Jelena from Belgrade, Serbia – Make-up and Styling: Anita – a German/American living in the Netherlands – and me, a German living in Belgium… shooting in Paris, France..  the concept and idea for the shoot in Paris was Anita’s – as is the wonderful styling… we planned to do it already last year, but had to cancel short notice due to bad weather…. this year the weather was perfect  …….we met early in the morning in my hotel to do the make-up and hair…. (the receptionists in the hotel have been looking at me a bit conspicuously already – seeing how many people I took up with me in my room ….I had a shoot with Gaby the afternoon earlier in the room as well – more on that in the next post….)… after make-up and hair was done we took the Metro around town trying to find some usable locations… it was quite a sight to have Jelena all made-up in a yellow “fairy-tale-type”-dress running through the Metro… the weather was great – and places were crowded with tourists, which made it quite a challenge to shoot and get interesting backgrounds/compositions – without having masses of people in the picture… many thanks to Marie @ Flag Models sending me to Micaela @ Mademoiselle Models in Paris who sent us beautiful Jelena…. its been a wonderful day with a great team!




  1. 7. September 2011 / 21:14

    Nr. 22 “ghgh1.jpg” => lovely 🙂
    Good capture of the Paris atmosphere.

  2. 7. September 2011 / 21:37

    INCREDIBLE! #18 is just amazing. LOVE IT! Is it Contax 645? Mind sharing the film?

    • 7. September 2011 / 21:41

      Thanks – its the Contax 645 – and Nikon F4 for the 35mm images… Color film was Kodak Portra 160

      • 7. September 2011 / 21:46

        LOVE it. Great combination. I’m currently trying to decide if I like the look of Fuji 400H or Kodak Portra for my color film work. Tough decision. People get absolutely amazing results with both…so maybe it’s just personal preference and experience.

  3. Jim Ryce
    7. September 2011 / 22:11

    Dear Jan,

    I have been following your work for a while now and really look forward to your posts. With each one I think what can be done to top this post, but each time a new post comes it comes with another incredible set of images. The subject matter is always the same but the way you create the images is always different and very inspirational. It’s amazing to me the way you see and capture the subjects. Congratulations on such beautiful work.

    I noticed on some of you images on flickr that you have also used an Leica MP. I would be interested in knowing how you come to choose your camera selection for each project. For example how do you come to select the F4 over the MP. Does it come down to how the camera will render the images?

    Thanks again for such a great blog.


  4. Marcel
    7. September 2011 / 22:32

    Schöne Serie – sehr viel Gefühl wieder dabei und ein starkes Model .
    Bilder wie aus einer anderen Zeit – natürlich mit dem Eifelturm auch eine schöne Sehenswürdigkeit mit drauf .
    Bei Bild 18 – hätte ich mir die Gleiche Aufnahmeohne unscharfen Hintergrund – auch gut vorstellen können .

    LG Marcel

  5. mohamed
    7. September 2011 / 22:33

    wow, very 100% fashion love it, question : all the photos are taken in wide open for the nikon f4 what is it, thanks a lot for story

  6. 8. September 2011 / 05:37

    Stunning images from every angle. Styling, MUA’s, and everyone seems to have gotten that one just right. Way to go!

  7. 8. September 2011 / 09:24

    wonderful pictures and the model is absolutely beautiful , good job

  8. Ashton Lee
    8. September 2011 / 18:59

    Image 20 is an absolute killer… perfect tonal range, light shadows, beautiful pose and composition.

  9. 9. September 2011 / 00:54

    Bravo. Another stellar set. I always enjoy reading your behind-the-scenes info and your captions. The ‘weird people showing up’ caption made me laugh 😛
    Is this the first time you’ve shot an outfit with stripes? It stands out but it also works very well.


  10. 10. September 2011 / 20:32

    Very nice set Jan. Always impressed about the relaxed expression poses. Everything seems so quiet. My favorites are “16” and “22”. Number “16” is awesome!

    Greetings Maarten

  11. Ed
    10. September 2011 / 22:15

    Love the composition of #7!

  12. 11. September 2011 / 16:19

    Amazing. You blow me away every single time.

    You inspire me too. Keep up the great work, Jan.

  13. 13. September 2011 / 23:05

    Really nice. Like 22 and 24 a lot!

  14. 19. September 2011 / 16:30

    A very very dine piece of work, as always!

  15. Hubert
    27. September 2011 / 22:12

    Thank you very much for your beautiful photos.
    The romantic bokey is perfect for this series.

    Can you tell us what are the objectives used?

    Thank you for your viewing pleasure.

  16. yosep
    24. October 2011 / 23:36

    hi there how do you know when to use your spotmeter? I follow your work and I’ve notice with this one you are walking throughout the whole city. do you use the spotmeter in your camera? I love your aero ektar pictures btw!

  17. Marty
    20. February 2012 / 18:48

    Wow! Wunderschöne Fotos und eine Location – französisches Flair. Sehr charmant. Darf man wissen, wo genau diese Bilder in Paris entstanden sind?

    • 22. February 2012 / 09:30

      Danke – erst waren wir im Park vor dem Eiffelturm, von dort sind wir zum Turm und zum Trocadero… dann Sacre Coeur (Treppen). die ersten Fotos dieses Sets waren die letzten und wir haben sie auf dem Weg vom Sacre Coeur zur Metro gemacht.

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