12. June 2011

when logics die

Session No 2 from last weekend: Aline from Brussels. Location is a park close to where I live. We chose to shoot late afternoon/early evening to catch some warm sunlight… Aline was great to work with – strong expressions and a very elegant way to move and pose… after the session in the park we went back to my place and I set up my 8×0 Deardorff and loaded two polaroids… unfortunately I did not really had a suitable background set up… so it was just the white wall…. Aline is definitely high on my list of models I want to work with again!

All the rest is shot with the Contax 645, Kodak Tri-X and Kodak 160NC… just for fun I developed some of the Tri-X in Rodinal 1:50 and some in HC110… I actually did not notice any substantial difference – I guess there are way to many variables in the equation to draw conclusions on the effect of the developer. The color ones were difficult – the massive green of the trees and plants together with little bits of the orange sunlight created a weird color cast I did not really like too much… if there was more light and less green it was all right – like in the two images posted.



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The blog is totally amazing and awesome. Please give more information from it.

Your stuff is amazing. Would love to see more color. Truly fine art

You are amazing! Deine alle Photos sind unglaublich faszinierenden! tolle Arbeit!

Hi Jan,

I don’t know how you do it, but you always get the most graceful feeling from your models. Beautifully done, once again.


Hi Jan,

do you use Impossible Project instant film or Fuji?


i did not use it on this set, but i use some polaroid, fuji and impossble project film… i am eagerly awaiting the impossible 8×10 instant film 🙂

Hi Jan,

Very lovely set. I can imagine you like to work agin with her. Beautiful poses and expressions indeed. My favorite image is 16. So beautiful! I love the light effected by the leafs on her face and body combining with her pose and expression. Perfect!


Very nice set, Jan!
The ‘simplicity’ is adorable in your pictures. Apart from the technical side I always wonder how you create this kind of mood and get such strong expressions!
Thanks for sharing your work,

A lovely set, Jan. Thanks for the info about Rodinal. Funnily enough I have read it mentioned so much on forums etc recently that I began wondering if it was that much better than the HC110 I’ve been using so your comment was perfectly timed 🙂
I like the variety of the outfits in these shots. They’re all very simple but they all work so well.


Thanks Nasir… once I noticed a difference in developer: Neopan 1600 developed in Diafine had a smoother look than in Rodinal with similar lighting/exposure situations… but for the most part, I do not see a difference… it might be that it is due to the scanning and that on an analogue print you would very well see differences…but I don’t know.

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