19. April 2011

What is this....


Initially….I wanted a place for collecting ideas – with the option to come back at any time to expand, abandon or alter … and foremost not forget. At the same time I should photograph more outside of organized shooting sessions…documenting what is happening around me…. and I hope this place will motivate me to do so (to have something to post…) ..if I happen to annoy you now with my camera whenever you see me…. I am progressing! For similar reasons I would love to engage in street photography – but I am too much of a sissy to actually point my camera at strangers…for now…  will see where this will take me… I am planning to post here more images from shoots than I do elsewhere, add details, comments and making-of info ….and whatever else comes to mind. For now I hope the design of the site is to your liking and everything works for you as it does for me… I am discovering new options and possibilities in wordpress all the time … so things might evolve.



Hi Jan, nur zur Info! Dein Vorschaubild zu diesem Post kann nicht geladen werden bzw. fehlt.

viele Grüße,

Shall we swap confidence for a day? I am happy street shooting but nowhere near as confident directing models / subjects. Really enjoy what you are doing and will continue to drop by.


Shall we swap confidence for a day? I am happy street shooting but nowhere near as confidence directing models / subjects. Really enjoy what you are doing and will continue to drop by.


just discovered your work through FPP…I´m amazed! I love film photography and portraits, and you can´t even imagine how much I envy you! Regards from Spain 😉

Just to say Thanks for sharing and hope to see more lovely pictures here again.

This is amazing. I enjoy it so much!
Thanks for sharing such beautiful and clean work. 🙂

Please, add somewhere here on the site a HUUUUUGE ‘like’ button meaning I love this site, your photos and everything about it and I can’t really express how I love the photos with words. It’s a whole new dimension. I love it.


Fantastic website/blog design, purpose and content – please keep it up!

Great stuff! Always waiting for your posts 🙂

Hallo Jan,
nachdem ich deine excellenten Fotos nun schon in der Fotocommuntiy regelmäßig verfolge, werden ich dies nun mit der gleichen Freude auch in deinem blog machen. Für die Tatsache, dass du dein Hobby auf professionellem Niveau neben Deinem Haupterwerb machst (“…Photography is a spare-time activity…”), gebührt Dir tiefster Respekt ob der Qualität deiner Bilder.
Danke für Deine überragenden Bilder, an denen du uns teilhaben lässt – und an dieser Stelle auch Dank an die Models, die ja letztlich die Hauptrolle in deinen Bildern sind. Alles Gute für dich. Liebe Grüße aus Bayern, Bernd [fc-user:1319515].

Nice to see you started this blog.

Keep up the good work – looking forward to see more.

Great you started a blog, I really love your photography and would love to learn about how you find such great models and locations, the amazing cameras you use and how you go about getting the lighting you want.

Keep up the good work, very inspiring!


I’m so glad to see you’ve started a blog. It’s about time 🙂
This will push me to add more to mine. I’ve always found your work on Flickr very inspiring and you are partly responsible for my journey back to using film.

I can’t wait to see more added to this blog. Nice layout.

Great idea; let the creativity flow because I’m eager to see your proposed development. Regs, Daan

Clean, minimalistic, great.
I love your photography so I am pretty interested in what’s ticking behind it all.
Thanks for sharing!

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