5. June 2011

wunsch ohne ziel

Just finishing a long (…too short) four day weekend here in Brussels. During these four days I was shooting three times – using all the remaining time to develop and scan the film burned earlier…. its been quite exhausting, but at the same time very rewarding.. three great shoots with great people – there will be quite some things to post the coming days and weeks.

Here is one of them… with beautiful Lucie – shot at Lac de Bambois in southern Belgium.

…once again using the Contax 645 with Fuji Acros and expired Kodak Portra 160NC – all rated at 100.. I post again quite a lot of pictures with some almost being duplicates… I just could not decide…. hope you like them!



Wunderschöne Fotos. Das einzige was mir leider nicht so gefällt sind die vielen schwarz/weiss Bilder. S/W finde ich an und für sich sehr schön, aber einige Fotos sind so schön, dass ich mir denke, in Farbe würden sie noch mehr hergeben. Ist jetzt natürlich nur meine Meinung und jedem so wie es einem gefällt…

[…] and I have been shooting just a few weeks ago… and already then we talked about another shoot… now luckily her agency (thanks Flag […]

Hey, what do you develop your black and white in? And did you tone these?

Hi Christopher… hope you had a good shoot! I develop most of the times in Kodak HC 110 B-Dilution and I add a slight toning after the scan. Thanks!

Despite some similarities, it would have been terrible to leave any one of these out! What a wonderful gallery. I’m so glad that you share these. I’ll be trying the overexposure of portra 160 for a shoot with my Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 next Monday. I hope it comes out somewhere close to this good. The model told me she wanted to do something simple, I sent her your post of the girl by the sea shore and said “I’ve been wanting to do something reminiscent of this”. She immediately agreed and gave me a location. You’ve set a high bar for me, my friend!

No, seriously man, you have to reveal us where this secret fountain of incredibly beautiful woman where you get your models from is. This girl is out of this world. Your work is, as always, flawless and inspiring!

Great series! I love the model, the photos and the location.
Applause for you both!

Wirklich wunderschöne Serie! Mir gefällt Die Tonung der s/w Bilder sehr, besonders aber nr 44 , bearbeitest du die schwarzweiss Bilder nach der Aufnahme um dieses herrlichen Silberschein in die Bilder zu bekommen oder ist dieser filmbedingt.
Ich freue mich schon auf Juli 🙂

LG Lukas

great series, wonderful setting and locations!! 🙂

What a superb set. Your hard work was well rewarded 🙂

This model has a fantastic look and I really like the simple outfit.

Love your work, what lens did you use in these series?

Thanks – Zeiss 2/80mm

Wow…46 to 48 rule for me. But the whole concept is strong, and it works. Tha available light, together with the rich and creamy bokeh.wow again.

eine schöne dame!

johannes… der kauf lohnt sich sicher^^
gibt zwar auch ne mamiya 645 mit 80er 1.9 (!) aber die kann nur 1/1000… die contax hat m.W. ne 4000stel sekunde. aber 1000stel reicht zur not 😛

Mein Gott, sind die gut. Ich liebäugle schon sehr lange mit der Contax und ihrer 2.0 Optik. Wahrscheinlich überflüssige Frage, aber lohnt sich der Kauf? (1000 bei ebay)

Danke Johannes… ich habe einiges an der Contax auszusetzen… der Autofocus ist überflüssig (weil langsam und ungenau), Autobelichtung benutz ich nie, der Viewfinder zu dunkel, der Batterieverbrauch heftig und irgendwie ist das Ding klobig und liegt nicht sonderlich gut in der Hand… im Vergleich zu einer Rolleiflex oder Hasselblad 501 wirkt es wie aus billig-plastik… aber das Objektiv ist ein TRAUM: Bokeh, Lichtstark, gute Naheinstellgrenze fuer “enge Portraits” …und 645 finde ich vielseitiger als das Quadrat… 6×6 ist perfekt fuer manche Sachen – aber nicht fuer alles….und irgendwie bin ich mit dem Ding deutlich schneller als mit der Hasselblad oder Rolleiflex (alles auf manuell)… und im Vergleich zu 35mm ist es doch alles cremiger und samtiger… ich würde das Ding jederzeit wieder kaufen! 🙂

Von dem sinnlosen Autofokus und der Batteriefresserei habe ich auch gehört – trotzdem ist diese Optik und das 645 Format so reizvoll. Ich mache alle meine Sachen mit ner Mamiya C330 6×6 und, so sehr ich sie liebe, möchte bei meinem nächsten Schritt Abstand von Mamiya (zb 645 mit dem 1.9er) halten und einen neuen optischen Look. Nutzt du zufällig auch ne Hasselblad 500cm mit Zeiss Objektiven? Wenn ja, vergleichbar mit der Contax?

und nochmal: Ich genieße deine Bilder sehr!

Ich habe eine Hasselblad 501cm mit dem Zeiss 2.8/80mm. Die Contax-linse in Kombination mit dem Format gefaellt mir deutlich besser! (alles rein subjektiv natürlich)

Danke, das wollte ich hören 😉

As always it´s a pleasure to look through your work Jan…thank you for sharing your thoughts and words too.
You always find great locations and models 🙂 But the way you work that camera is just outstanding!

Still waiting for that workshop….smile 🙂

xoxo, Christina (from flickr)

Simply outstanding. I still miss the words to describe my feelings about this set and “when logics die”.
It is a big pleasure to have a look at your photographs.
Every time when there is a new set from you I think to myself “This can not get any better” and then a few days later a set appears that is even better. Thank you for sharing your great work.
How can we convince you to a workshop for Christina and me?

Shooting three times in four days is already amazing. But to me it is even more outstanding to create scans of all the colour negatives in a way that they look so natural. This done in a few days only is unbelievable.
Even if I had more time I doubt that my color scans will look like this.
Well done!

Excellent series. I can see why you have a hard time choosing – they are all very nice. Numbers 11 and 12 are so beautiful. Weekend was indeed to short….

Beautiful stream, full of grace and beauty. Perfect colors and tones.
…. ever a pleasure to see your pictures.

Fantastic! How did you make model’s skin so natural?
Thanks for sharing these great shots.

Thanks to all … for the skin… I do not edit the skin as such… but while taking the picture I already try to ensure the light is making the skin look good

What a beautiful series Jan! I almost feel the mood during this photo session. I love the black and white the most. Nice how you are playing with the shadows from the leafs of the trees. Well done again.


Great set of pictures! Nice DOF and natural light. A beautiful model as well. I like the location. Your color scans look great too! I’m still having trouble scanning color; B&W negs seem to scan better though.

Wow, beautiful set. I love the last one, she has amazing colour in her hair! And I also love 33 too.. But really, spoiled for choice.

Me again, … only telling you that my favorite image is #22 because the side-light is fabulous.

I very often come to watch your websites (especially on flickr), and man, your work is simply outstanding… You have a special talent to catch this type of atmosphere. You’re a great great photograph, love what you to do. If one day, you publish, tell me, you can be sure that i will bought it. ;D

Jan, your good taste and your photo skills seem don’t have any limits, … again I’m speechless after watching your images.

I think I like 2 and 22 most. I feel the model loses some of her “dreamlike” qualities when looking at the camera. My 2 cts.

For some reason I like the one from her back. Love 11!

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