4. August 2011

nothing to one

Left on Tuesday after work to pick up Zoi at Tilburg Statiion ….we continued to the Druinense Duinen for our shoot… last time we were shooting indoors so this time we opted for outdoor in nature…. as I have been shooting a lot medium format (Contax 645) recently, I wanted this one to have a more edgy look – so I took the Nikon F4 with Kodak Px125 film. Despite the army  of mosquitos around ( still have itches everywhere), I had a great time and we got some nice images…. Zoi is really fun to shoot with – poses and expressions are just right from picture one….


Nikon F4 with Kodak Px125 and two rolls of Tri-X… developed in Kodak HC 110
I am posting lots of “almost”  duplicates again…. and let you decide which ones are better 🙂



I love the expression of this model. Jan. great job but I love another section in the room. the lighting is perfect, great scenery

beautiful work,perfect photos lighting, tones

She’s incredibly beautiful. Your first serie with her is still one of my favorites. Congratulation for your work with her.

schön! sehr fein. unerhört wenig ausschuss für 2 rollen film 🙂
und die dame ist hübsch 😛

Perfect model with perfect photos =) ” I think she’s the most sexiest woman i see long time ago! nice work!! (Gerard BOYER) +1 !!!

La top classe ! Continue !!!

I think she’s the most sexiest woman i see long time ago! nice work!!

number six is my favourite, just hide all but so sensual and the face is unique, nice model .. thanks for sharing !

What a fantastic set of images, your combination of analogue film and as ever strikingly naturally beautiful models is a winning combination. I seldom see the feeling you are able to achieve with your work in much nude photography. More power to your elbow sir.

Paul C

Wow, this is incredible, your work, models, lighting, tones… I could go on and on.

I got to your website from Flickr and this is amazing. I put up a new site a couple of weeks ago and I wanted a simple way to upload new shots into my port and slide shows. Your site is amazing, so clean and professional and easy to move around.
I will have to look up Dripbook.

Thanks again for sharing!

Het model en de camera/objectief doen dan wel hun werk, maar boven alles maak je mooie beelden en is het licht sensueel verleidend en een lust voor het oog. Keep up the good work … Mvg Carl

Nice to see you using again small format. I like the mood you obtain in these locations. Worth the mosquitos’ bites !
And Zoi is really charismatic.

Wenn ich mir das Lob erlauben darf :

Du fotografierst Frauen so sensibel – dass sie immer im besten Licht und voller Anmut erstrahlen können .

LG Marcel

tolle serie … ich mag diese sommerliche leichte atmosphäre in den bildern … sie macht ihre sache auch sehr gut .


Jan this serie is more than wonderful!

Jan – glad to see we can still rock an “old” 35MM and some B&W can make great art.

What lenses did you use for this shoot? The 135 MM?

Thanks Rob, I used the 1.4/50mm and 1.4/85mm – both pretty wide open at f2

I noticed on image 11 there are a couple horizontal lines. I’ve had a similar experience with the F4 (though much more extreme). Have you noticed this before? I think it might only be visible when scanning black and white.

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks Andy… I have noticed those… but I thought they were resulting from my development… I will check my next 35mm rolls with a different camera… you think the F4 scratches the film somewhere?

I had this on a F6 bought second-hand, it scratched all my first Tri-X rolls. I then sent it to repair and they changed the inner back (pressure) plate. Now everything is ok.

I’ve actually noticed the lines on a few other cameras, but the F4 and my old Zeiss Contarex are by far the worst culprits. I wonder if the lines have always been there, but we never noticed them in the days before scanning. Oddly, it appears that some of the lines aren’t straight, which is also quite confusing. Perhaps it’s my processing, but I really am careful when loading my film. I’ll be interested to hear your results.

Great that you go back to use other cameras again Jan and definitive the shoot with Zoi wins of this!! Edgy with a more raw feeling pairs so good with Zoi’s softness. Love it.

Just found your blog and we love it. Your model is stunning and your pictures are spectacular. Thanks for sharing.


Wenn ich mir die Kritik erlauben darf: Dem Model fehlt es an Variabilität. Der Ausdruck/Blick ist durchgängig gleich und darüber hinaus auch nicht wirklich “ehrlich”. Schade.

ich schliesse mich dieser Meinung definitiv an.

Ich bin ein echter fan von Jan, diesem begnadeten Fotografen. Und was ich so an den anderen Bildern liebe ist die Natürlichkeit, insb. der Models.
In diesem Fall… ja, Schade!

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