1. April 2012


Anna is from Russia and visited Belgium earlier this year when it was still very cold and dark. It was great working with her – very much fun and very relaxed!

…but I should not wait too long between shooting and posting – as I get much more critical with my pictures over time … in this instance I find some of the other pictures a bit too explicit for my taste and left them out of this post…if I would have posted right away, I am sure they would be here now…  We were setting out to wander on the fine line between explicit and provocative on one side and “tasteful” on the other side….apparently I failed as I find them too explicit now myself 🙂

First pictures are with Plaubel Makina 67, then Nikon FM3A and finally some polaroids….


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I LOVE HER!When will be photos with her again?!

I LOVE HER!When will photos with her again?!

Hai Jan, I discovered your work by an article in the magazine named Shutr. I really admire your work and how you tastefully photograph beautiful women. The way you read light is an inspiration for me. I shoot digital and wondering if I can get the same atmosphere with it as you with film. Now about the serie above. I love the serie exept photo 5. This for me is over the line. It’s a matter of taste, but that my opinion. The rest is very beautiful and some are touching the fine line but don’t cross it.

Perfektion in seiner Einfachheit ins Bild gebannt !! Großartig !!

Image no. 1 is one of my all-time favorites of yours. The way the light outlines her form yet still illuminates her face, the angles of her body, the composition, the serenity of her pose and expression… and somehow the light falls off just enough below her waist to completely render irrelevant any questions of revealing too much based on what you seem to have intended. I shoot film, too, but marvel at the smooth control of light on black and white film you achieve, whereas I would probably end up dodging and burning in Lightroom.

Hi Jan! Your work is absolutely fabulous!!! I discover you last year 🙂 Tell me please: the difference between Makina 67 and the Nikon is because of film type, or the lens or something else? The Makina photos is soft and the Nikon is grainy. Thank you!

Thanks… the negative of the Plaubel Makina is almost 5x larger than the Nikon’s… its 6x7cm for the makina and 24x35mm for the Nikon… that makes the picture much smoother.

Thank you so much, your work is inspiring.
Your comment on image #14 being blurry due to slow shutter speed makes me curious how often you are using a tripod for 35mm and medium format work?
It is perhaps all the lovlier for the blur.

I applaud you for “wandering” the line between erotic and explicit. Initially I thought, “Oh No, Jan has been seduced by the dark side” when I saw the single picture you posted on FLICKR. However, after seeing the entire set of images with Anna, your style shines through and I like the overall feel of this series. Bravo for not being predictable and going beyond what is expected.

Personally I find nearly all of the photos here to be tasteful and aesthetic.

However no.5 does create a question of ambiguity for me and strays over that fine line from nude art into eroticism. Not that I find it to be obscene, but it does strike a note of discord with the rest of the photos of this set.

btw: I would encourage you to continue to explore this boundary in your future work.

I think Anna is a great model.Her portfolio one of the best russian models.I saw this model on many websites.May be photographer doesnt show her.

I do not like this series. There is no poetry. Maybe anna failed to interpret your thoughts. You’re always my point of reference for the study of light.

If you really believed that you failed and that the photos are too explicit (in a negative way), you’d not have made this post. That said, I agree with most of your fans in admiring the set – however, mostly her anonymous angles. Solid work.

And again a wonderful portfolio with stunning photos. (And I really love the Polaroids.)

In my opinion, photos no. 4, 5, 7 are explicit but due to lighting condition, model pose and expression, they are not that explicit! They feel more sexual than sensual! There is nothing wrong with that again however, some people may interpret it in a different way! The point is just do whatever makes you happy 🙂

I do not think you failed, as it is in creating these images that you have learned from the creative experience. Aesthetics and eroticism are an interesting subject.

I can highly recommend Roger Scruton’s short book ‘Beauty’ – particularly the last chapters on taste, order and ‘art and eros’.

Hope to see the colour shots here too!

…that book is on Amazon – only a few dollars.


Beautiful work, it is difficult to tread the thin line between tasteful and obscene – but you did so beautifully.

Take care

Hi Jan.

I think the quality of your work shines here. It would have been easy to make some of these photos too ‘erotic’, but your use of light and form of the model, has kept this work within the tasteful side.

It’s not easy to mix the two successfully, but you have done well.

PS: The polaroids have come up great on this.

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