30. April 2012

casting call

… this is not the classical blog post featuring a shoot. the images here are outakes from three different shoots that took place the last week and they merely serve to demonstrate the concept. since I set up a little daylight studio, I really started enjoying studio work, which brought me to start this new little project , which has a little Roversi’an and Avedon’ian feel to it

While shooting in the studio we were doing different poses and setups. At some point I was changing something on the large format camera and I noticed Svetlana was just standing there – absolutely unposed – and it was so much more beautiful than all the poses we did earlier… and I took a picture of it and more the coming days…. so now I want to make this a little series – pretty much unposed, beautiful nudes in the same studio environment and light, mainly taken with a large format camera…

please send me an email if you are interested to participate or have additional questions…..


additional info: my studio is in Brussels, Belgium




Oldie but Goldie !! Ein sehr spannendes Thema in deinem gewohnten Stil perfekt umgesetzt !!

Danke! 🙂 Du bist tatsaechlich im Spam gelandet… muss mal oefters checken…. lg jan

I just discovered your photo work at Flickr.com and I just have to tell you that your work is just amazing. I am also a film photography lover.


Will these be published?

Another impressive series.. the daylight-studio-work here is superb. Agree about the taste of Roversi-feel in some of this photography.. and more Roversi than Avedon.. And when You can see some of these grand masters in Your photography, You should feel extremly satisfaction.

Should be happy to participate in some of Your studio-session one day.. You should start with analog studio-workshops.. I would be happy to be one of Your students 🙂

I love the third pic…can’t wait to see the results of the complete series..

Were these the “light bulb” series?!

These are great..

Thank, Rob – these are with window light… but at the end of one of the shoots I took a few pictures with the light bulb…

I think I remember you saying that…I loved the one with the light bulb…I want to do more ports with regular light rather than the good ol’ Alien Bee!

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