claire II

I am very lazy now – just a simple introduction and then the images – unsorted – as wordpress uploaded them. I inserted a few comments wherever suitable…

the magnificent model: claire
location: my living room
gear: pentax 6×7 /hasselblad 501cm / 4/150mm /linhof technika with 5.6/300m for the polaroids / kodak tri-x

here a little picture of the “polaroid” camera used in these shots

the weather here in belgium is terrible for end of April – cold, rainy, no outdoor weather by far – its nice to have the alternative of a “home-studio” in these kind of cases… I had another shoot the day prior this one in my apartment with beautiful dayse – might have seen some images on flickr, facebook and alike… those will follow next as there is still a 35mm film that needs developing….

my last shoot with claire is here – in case you are interested….

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  1. Istvan says:

    amazing shooting, my fav is 17th 🙂

  2. Mateusz Zych says:

    yes, 12 is perfect! 4 is also very good

  3. Georgii says:

    Claire is absolutely one of your best models in my opinion! Great work you did with her
    Question: Did you use just natural light?
    Keep up!

    1. micmojo says:

      Claire is gorgeous… yes, all natural light… thanks!

  4. david says:

    image 4 (by the window) is a masterpiece …

  5. Yvan says:

    My faves are 1,5,19 and 20 … Indeed Claire as an amaing face, with such a presence on the pics, but your photographic style isobvious in all shots.

  6. She’s amazing Jan, well done to you guys.

  7. antoine says:

    Gorgeous work ! Claire is one of your best models, I can’t agree more 🙂
    I have a question, how do you manage to darken your background that much ? (probably a stupid question, but I’m wondering)

  8. Geoff says:

    25 is my favorite too but I think #5 is a close 2nd.

  9. Astra says:

    So simple, so sensitive!

  10. Mark Woods says:

    Beautiful portraits…Claire is stunning.

    Good work, both of you….

  11. photodelux says:

    Image 4 (5.jpg window elegance) and 17 (Untitled-7 face against the wall in beauty) in the set are my favorites… really incredible images that I just have to stop and stare at! Also really caught my attention:
    9 (Untitled-19)
    10 (Untitled-24)
    19 (Untitled-5) – the look – those eyes in
    12 (Untitled-24) – your fav
    21/25 (Untitled-51) – Polaroid 57 – so rustic/ancient/timeless
    22 (Untitled-61) – Polaroid 55 – cool blacks
    24 (Untitled-4) – 4×5 Paloplan 100

    So yes – those film big cameras create beautiful images – driven by a great photographer!!!

  12. svern says:

    hi jan i’m a big fan been following u in fb,flickr and here. You’ve inspired me to shoot film (i’m so noob with it my first two roll is still waiting to be process) ..question what’s your favorite B&W film that quite versatile for indoors and outdoor shoot..i’m still confuse about the zoning system..lolz..great stuff from you as always..

  13. imene says:

    Great shoot! and you know what they say “there’s no place like home” ;o)

  14. Evan says:

    An extraordinary session.
    You’re always perfect with glamour shots.
    Claire is one of your best models…..pretty face and nice body.
    It would be great to see her photographed by you in a nude session.

  15. 12, 15, 19 and 24 are my faves. Great work.

  16. Great set!
    What aperture you use the most on the 6×7 cameras!?\


  17. courseworks says:

    So sensitive and tender. Many thanks for sharing with us this beauty.

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