24. April 2012

claire II

I am very lazy now – just a simple introduction and then the images – unsorted – as wordpress uploaded them. I inserted a few comments wherever suitable…

the magnificent model: claire
location: my living room
gear: pentax 6×7 /hasselblad 501cm / 4/150mm /linhof technika with 5.6/300m for the polaroids / kodak tri-x

here a little picture of the “polaroid” camera used in these shots

the weather here in belgium is terrible for end of April – cold, rainy, no outdoor weather by far – its nice to have the alternative of a “home-studio” in these kind of cases… I had another shoot the day prior this one in my apartment with beautiful dayse – might have seen some images on flickr, facebook and alike… those will follow next as there is still a 35mm film that needs developing….

my last shoot with claire is here – in case you are interested….


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So sensitive and tender. Many thanks for sharing with us this beauty.

Great set!
What aperture you use the most on the 6×7 cameras!?\


12, 15, 19 and 24 are my faves. Great work.

An extraordinary session.
You’re always perfect with glamour shots.
Claire is one of your best models…..pretty face and nice body.
It would be great to see her photographed by you in a nude session.

Great shoot! and you know what they say “there’s no place like home” ;o)

hi jan i’m a big fan been following u in fb,flickr and here. You’ve inspired me to shoot film (i’m so noob with it my first two roll is still waiting to be process) ..question what’s your favorite B&W film that quite versatile for indoors and outdoor shoot..i’m still confuse about the zoning system..lolz..great stuff from you as always..

Image 4 (5.jpg window elegance) and 17 (Untitled-7 face against the wall in beauty) in the set are my favorites… really incredible images that I just have to stop and stare at! Also really caught my attention:
9 (Untitled-19)
10 (Untitled-24)
19 (Untitled-5) – the look – those eyes in
12 (Untitled-24) – your fav
21/25 (Untitled-51) – Polaroid 57 – so rustic/ancient/timeless
22 (Untitled-61) – Polaroid 55 – cool blacks
24 (Untitled-4) – 4×5 Paloplan 100

So yes – those film big cameras create beautiful images – driven by a great photographer!!!

Beautiful portraits…Claire is stunning.

Good work, both of you….

So simple, so sensitive!

25 is my favorite too but I think #5 is a close 2nd.

Gorgeous work ! Claire is one of your best models, I can’t agree more 🙂
I have a question, how do you manage to darken your background that much ? (probably a stupid question, but I’m wondering)

She’s amazing Jan, well done to you guys.

My faves are 1,5,19 and 20 … Indeed Claire as an amaing face, with such a presence on the pics, but your photographic style isobvious in all shots.

image 4 (by the window) is a masterpiece …

Claire is absolutely one of your best models in my opinion! Great work you did with her
Question: Did you use just natural light?
Keep up!

Claire is gorgeous… yes, all natural light… thanks!

yes, 12 is perfect! 4 is also very good

amazing shooting, my fav is 17th 🙂

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