claire II

I am very lazy now – just a simple introduction and then the images – unsorted – as wordpress uploaded them. I inserted a few comments wherever suitable…

the magnificent model: claire
location: my living room
gear: pentax 6×7 /hasselblad 501cm / 4/150mm /linhof technika with 5.6/300m for the polaroids / kodak tri-x

here a little picture of the “polaroid” camera used in these shots

the weather here in belgium is terrible for end of April – cold, rainy, no outdoor weather by far – its nice to have the alternative of a “home-studio” in these kind of cases… I had another shoot the day prior this one in my apartment with beautiful dayse – might have seen some images on flickr, facebook and alike… those will follow next as there is still a 35mm film that needs developing….

my last shoot with claire is here – in case you are interested….

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