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I am changing sequence of events a bit… normally another shoot should be coming now, but I still have some colour film at Richard’s Photo Lab to be developed and scanned (first time for me – I am very curious about the results!). It was very scary sending the film off with the uncertainty if it would arrive. I received the email from RPL last Friday night (afternoon in LA) that my film has arrived – I was dancing ūüôā

…because of that I will post them together with the other shots from the session whenever I have the scans back… this is one shoot thereafter with my ¬†favorite black model …. she is so¬†beautiful and so nice,¬†it is a real pleasure shooting with her… these are as well the first pics with my new favorite camera, a Plaubel Makina 67… 6×7 was the last “main” format I was not using ….and after seeing a good offer, I decided to change that. I love this camera – it looks a bit awkward, but works like a dream, it folds to a relative small size, is easy to operate and is safely¬†handhold-able¬† down to 1/15th… even 1/8th if you concentrate… the amazing 2.8/80 lens and the large negative format do the rest. I was amazed by the tones. I developed the negatives in a rotary processor for 5 minutes in HC110 (B) and they looked perfect right from the scanner… film was Kodak Tri-x. ¬†I used as well the Nikon FM3A with Tri-X and Polaroid 180 camera with Fuji FP100c and Polaroid Sepia Film…. the polaroids are at the end as you will notice.


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  1. Lovely work! love the tones you get! Nice vaeriety of poses and expression, make ofr a great series! Keep up the great work! I follow you on FB and enjoy when I see your images on my news feed!


  2. Jochen Abitz says:

    Wunderbar! Ich freue mich schon jetzt auf die Outdooraufnahmen!
    Jetzt k√∂nnen wir drei einen Makina-Club aufmachen. ūüėČ

    Hochformat kommt super!!
    #11 ist Fav.

  3. Daniel Perez says:

    Favulous Session ¬° Really inspirational for me ¬° I love your natural light work on film

  4. Nasir Hamid says:

    Fantastic tones in these, Jan. Did you have to make any exposure adjustments with your light readings to compensate for the black skin?

    1. micmojo says:

      Thanks – I was thinking about it – but I just metered as usual – maybe with a tendency to expose rather more than less… I am quite happy how it worked out.

      1. jeff says:

        From my knowledge, using a handheld meter(sekonic 358), you are measuring incident light, or ambient light on the subject. Not reflective, like a camera meter will read.

        Using incident metering, light and dark skin expose correctly.

        I prefer using the sekonic meter. Perfect exposure every time.

        How are others metering?

  5. Wonderful pictures Jan!

  6. Tom says:

    Great tones! I love pic 11… fantastic bw!

  7. andrea quattrini says:

    2/7/9/10/11/13/22/24 I love!
    Ancora bravo, bravo!!!! Andrea

  8. Ben Lee says:

    Sometimes deep, sometimes light.

    Beautiful B/W

  9. Alex says:

    Great series. Those pictures show beauty with emotion.

  10. Alex says:

    Great series. Those pictures show beauty with emotion. Got the website wrong in first post.

  11. Andreas says:

    Lovely work Jan! I love the colors you got from the Polaroid 180 + Fuji Film.

  12. Jan, what’s the closest distance the Makina can focus?

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