I met Julie at a christmas drink of her agency… and knew quite quickly that I would love to shoot with her… and so we did. She just started modelling – and is a natural talent… very easy to work with!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I was not happy with my 6×6 compositions and had a really hard time getting it right… my first thought was to sell the Rolleiflex and concentrate on rectangles… for this shoot I already had my bag packed with 35mm and the Contax 645… later that evening I changed my mind … and packed the Rolleiflex instead… bothered me somehow to surrender so easily :-)

and it definitely is more challenging for me to compose with 6×6 – but at the same time it forces me to look more carefully and work even slower, which is a good thing… so no Rolleiflex for sale in the near future :)

Kodak Tri-X and Portra used here….

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