6. January 2012

broken drum

…  a happy new year to all of you!!

its been busy since the new year started and I already had three shoots since then – working about 14-15 hours each day. Leaving for the shoot around 09:00, coming back around 15:00 and then developing and scanning until 24:00… three days in a row… I was always worried that I could not get motivated for the shoot the next day… but I was so lucky with three fantastic models and nice  locations that this was the least of my problems… the biggest problem was the weather and light… there was hardly any… so I was shooting some Ilford 3200 again… more in the next blog post.

Here I used my pair of Nikons (FM3A and FE2) both with 50mm lens and the Rolleiflex… but I discover more and more that I am not the square-type-of-photographer.. I find it harder to compose with a square than with a rectangle… Films were Kodak Portra 400 and Trix… while writing this I am scanning the next shoot …and the negatives from yesterday are hanging to dry… more to come…

…for those who haven’t seen it, I have a facebook page now! 🙂


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Only natural light on this set master?
the fifth is superb… I wanna do something like this on my next set 🙂

Superb shots again. Love the forth one a lot.

Hey Jan, i thought it was time to post some feedback on your photography. I’m amazed by your work. I’ve been following you for serveral months now on Flickr, regularly visited your site and every single time i envy your work. Amazingly beautiful models, perfect light, perfect poses and a perfect mood with film. What i would give to see you working a shoot (i’m from Bruges by the way).. Keep it up! I’m super jealous!

Great set again Jan, really like them all.

A lovely set as always, Jan. Did you have to wipe the dust from your Rollei? It’s not had much use in quite a while 😛
The square format is not for everything but I feel it has its place, the trick is finding the compositions that its right for and dropping it for the ones that don’t work. I clearly remember you telling me that there’s not much worse than a full length shot of someone down the middle of a square frame and it often goes through my mind when I’m out with my 6×6 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing your other recent shoots that you’ve teased us with on FB 😛


Hi Jan,

I wish you all the best for 2012! Great series with and very touchy.
• Number 8, 12 are favorites.
• I really like number 16 due to the light and composition.
• Number 18 is in my opinion the best shot. Due to her silhouette and pose you enhance her feminine beauty. Well done!

Greetings Maarten

Hi Jan. All the best for the New Year my friend.

#7 really stands out for me here. It has a beautiful mix of light and softness.

Interestingly I still prefer 6×6. I’ve tried (and still shoot) 6×4.5, 6×7 but always come back to the square format. Having said that I have just got my hands on an old Crown Graphic, so we shall see what 4×5 can bring me 😉

as you mentioned, 19 seems weird but i liked it.
i have no idea why i like it but the composition and the crop really work well.

Nice, but I miss your Large Format work which is more distinctive.

I miss it myself… the last couple of shoots I was limited of how much gear I could take (public transport was the best option to reach the locations)… but soon I have some film holders loaded again 🙂

Your photographs have a unique, almost magical beauty…but more so in your usual rectangular compositions, I think.

I love your square ones! Good job!

wow!! I like the way you work, the way you use the light in bw photos!
the #18 is gorgeous!

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