You will see a lot of beach/outdoor shoots from me in the next few days…since the summer has finally started (and will probably end after a week or two)… so what I normally shoot over a period of 4 months, I have to do in two weeks :)

For this shoot with Lobke, I decided to take the Deardorff 8×10 along, which is a bit complex to use with all the sand and wind around… especially the nude-session at the beach at the end was a bit tricky. There were always people around and we had to wait for times when people were too far away to see “any details”… and these moments were very short, so we were precomposing with clothes on and as soon as there was a moment, Lobke threw her shirt away, I quickly focussed and took the shot.. not ideal, but it worked somehow… I would love to live and shoot somewhere, where you can find places without any people… and take all the time in the world to take a photograph.

I took the Rolleiflex and Contax 645 as well and I am more and more unhappy with the Contax… given the same settings with my other cameras, the contax somehow manages to “choke” the shadow areas… they are perfectly there with the Rolleiflex or Pentax 6×7… but with the Contax (same exposure and film) they are being cut-off… am I the only one noticing this?

I was too lazy to sort out the images, so these are all I scanned and edited ….and thats why you see lots of similar images.


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