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quick blog post of yesterday’s shoot with magnificent Marine … the weather forecast predicted rain in and around brussels, so we decided to meet at my place and then decide what to do. If the weather was too bad, we could still shoot in my studio… the weather was so and so… dark clouds, sometimes sun, some rain. the forecast for the coast was better than for the rest of belgium, so we decided to drive to the beach and hope for the best.

While driving there it was grey and cloudy all the way, not very promising… when we arrived, there was a big fair and thousands of cars and people and we could not find a parking spot… which made us drive a bit further north until we found a very hidden entry to the beach… and a very beautiful spot at the same time – the most beautiful spot at the belgian coast I have been shooting at so far…. and we were even luckier: as soon as we started shooting the sun came out and gave us three hours of the most beautiful late afternoon / early evening sun… I can not emphasize enough the beauty of shooting early evening at the beach – the light is just magic you can shoot with it, against it… always beautiful… it looks best on some true black and white film! :)

some technical details:
camera is Pentax 6×7 and Contax 645
film is mainly fuji acros 100

I have the intention to print one or two images of each new shoot in the dark room… any suggestions from this one?

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