7. August 2012


Images from my Shoot with Shanice last Sunday in Antwerp. We already wanted to shoot for a long time, but it has never worked out. A few days ago I was at her agency browsing through sedcards of models  …and when presented with Shanice’ I recognized her, and we made an appointment for a shoot. I then wrote to her on facebook arranging the final details and saw our last conversation: where we agreed that we defintely have to shoot in 2011… so finally now, with a year delay, our shoot 🙂

I was actually hoping – and the forecast made me hopeful – that we will have sun; so I asked for dark clothes and chose a citylike environment for a high-contrast, urban look. Well, the sun was hiding behind clouds for the better part of the shoot, and so the desired contrast was not really available. We walked around the harbour area of Antwerp and found some interesting spots.

While shooting I was seeing so many nice expressions of Shanice that I wanted to dedicate one roll of film for portraits only. I chose an old textured door with nice light as our “backdrop”. We actually used two rolls of films for the portraits, and I am glad we did – these are my favorite images from the shoot.

I challenged myself by shooting Rolleiflex only, which is demanding in terms of composition for me… but rewarding as well. Film is Fuji Acros 100. I posted again more images than I think I should, some are weaker, some are stronger – but often that is a matter of taste as well, so I posted all that I found acceptable.




I have liked your work for awhile but just discovered your blog. As a photographer I really appreciate you posting your thoughts and details about a shoot. Its also interesting to see a large selection of the images you took to get more of an idea of how you work. I like seeing how other people work, i find it useful and interesting! Thanks.


Ich gestehe, dass ich dein Blog fast täglich besuche, weil ich die nächsten Serien nicht abwarten kann, dennoch hast du ja auch etliche Highlights hier online, diesem Set hier eingeschlossen, aber neue Fotos sind ja auch immer schön, daher hoffe ich, dass du uns hier bald ganz neue Aufnahmen präsentierst !! 🙂

Jan – #16 is my fav. Sometimes it’s the model. Sometimes the photographer. But this one is both.

Reminds me of this one in terms of emotion:


Best –


excellent photos, beautiful work of art

Which Rollei do you use?

Marcel Glasmacher

Sie hat schon einen sehr schönen Namen und die Bilder von ihr sind passend schön . Ihre Mimik und ihre zarte Ausstrahlung machen jedes Bild sehr sanft, teilweise still.
Die sanften Grautöne vom Film passen optimal dazu und auch die Plätze die ihr gewählt habt.

Diese Serie ist ein Genuss anzuschauen, mir gefällt dieses Model speziell sehr gut .
Sie ist wirklich besonders.


After looking through so many aloof images the last one (#24) really popped out at me. Love it, and really enjoyed checking out the proof sheet at the end.

#14 finde ich fantastisch!

Jan, the shots with the first and second outfits looks great, well done.

Really nice portraits, well done. I love the soft tones and greyscale of those analog images. Can’t find any weak ones. 😉

Awesome pictures. Hard to say if there are any weak ones. If square format is challenging for you, it is hard to notice from images.

Another blog post- yay! The model is great, the clothes also, they all fit perfectly together… You again did a great job Jan, thank you for that!

I love hearing about the shoot & of course the images are beautiful and full of her essence

Again a great serie. Shanice is a great model and you are a great photographer. I love No. 21 and 23. The contact sheet is also amazing!!!

Really nice shots and very beautiful model. I miss my medium format film days. Digital is great but it’s just not the same.

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