24. February 2012

the golden age

Part I of my “Russian Week”…. I was shooting beginning of February with two Russian Models – and this is the first set – both models were amazing! This was downtown Brussels in a really great Bed and Breakfast… some rooms looked a bit like from Alice in Wonderland. I used the Plaubel Makina 67, Contax 645 and Polaroid 180 Land Camera with my remaining Fuji Neopan 400, Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji FP100C and Polaroid Sepia.

For the first time I sent film (only the colour film) to Richard Photo Lab and yesterday evening I received the results – you will see for yourself…. I will have to adapt my way of shooting to their scanning, because their scans are all done in a high-key-mode, which is great as it produces these creamy skin tones  – my own scanning is normally more on the mellow side – keeping things darker and moodier ….and with this in mind I shoot…

…one example is a cable in a dark corner of the room… with my exposure, development and scanning I know that it will disappear in the darkness of the corner, so I don’t worry about it… not with RPL – the scan reveals everything… something I will look out more for in the future on my colour images… anyhow, the colours in those rooms were not easy and I know I would have had a very tough time getting them right… but they did a great job with beautiful, neutral tones everywhere…  hope you like the set… as always I “overpost”, meaning I post more images than I should probably 🙂


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Excellent Work. Lovely Portfolio.

Great work. #19 is especially good.

#9 is the best of this great set for me. Simply mesmerizing!

I love your portfolio showing beauties in different poses and format.
Thank you for sharing.

Hey! You never overpost. You should always post more if you have more!

4-7-8-15-22 wonderful, I’m really sad about the Neopan 400, I have the last two film 135mm 🙁
Congratulations Jan!

Beautiful series as usual! I am impressed about the mood you bring in these images. Light is pleasant the look at. The model did a wonderful job as well and provides a various of catchy expressions. Well done.


I’m in awe of this photoset – so romantic and full of graceful beauty. I especially love no.15 which is for me, pure visual poetry.

On the technical side, do you send the negs off to be developed by RPL in USA or is there a lab near you? In return do they provide full hi-res TIFFs or JPEGS and prints? What scanner do you normally use on your negs?


Wonderful photos and awesome location. I haven’t used RPL myself but I’ve heard that they’ll be more than happy to work with you to get the colors you want, you can talk to them and see how can they make that happen, I know they have the Color Pack but don’t know if that’s something you could afford or use.

Hi Jan.

Great set mate. Re: blur/movement from 1/8th. I do not find this an issue for photos. In fact a few of my own favourite shots are not always perfectly sharp. I look at it this way. If you didn’t take the shot at that moment (and get some blur), you would have missed an opportunity if you had gone to tripod etc.

I actually find I am always using my Hasselblad on a tripod which gives me a great amount of flexibility, and my Mamiya 645AF becomes my ‘walk around the room camera’ with a steady hand as possible. I balance out between flexibility and getting a shot.

I guess my point is, a blurry shot isn’t always bad, and it’s better than missing a chance of a decent shot.


Thanks Daniel, I fully agree… technical perfection is not a prerequisite for a good photo. One of my favorite examples is the portrait of Charlie Chaplin by Avedon… the picture is unique and taken under special circumstances – it is nowhere near perfect in a technical sense, but probably one of the really great portraits of the 20th century.

Tim Scott - ScottPhotoCo

110% agree. I have always believed that it is the “imperfections” that make things perfect. This goes for people as well as photographs. 🙂

The pictures are like poetry, so romantic and beautiful… and I love the scans with the vibrant colours from RFL. Always such a pleasure to look at your work. My best regards/ Monika

Another wonderful set of images. Those scans look very nice. It’s interesting to see your color work all polished up as if it were ready for press. RFL is a very nice lab. There are also a few others here in California that rival them. But RFL is very consistent.

Amazing job. I can’t tell you how much of your work have inspired me.

N°8 is simply amazing…. This is one of the models that has been on my list for a long time now..and I’ve been proven right 😉 .. Great work Jan !

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