the golden age

Part I of my “Russian Week”…. I was shooting beginning of February with two Russian Models – and this is the first set – both models were amazing! This was downtown Brussels in a really great Bed and Breakfast… some rooms looked a bit like from Alice in Wonderland. I used the Plaubel Makina 67, Contax 645 and Polaroid 180 Land Camera with my remaining Fuji Neopan 400, Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji FP100C and Polaroid Sepia.

For the first time I sent film (only the colour film) to Richard Photo Lab and yesterday evening I received the results – you will see for yourself…. I will have to adapt my way of shooting to their scanning, because their scans are all done in a high-key-mode, which is great as it produces these creamy skin tones  – my own scanning is normally more on the mellow side – keeping things darker and moodier ….and with this in mind I shoot…

…one example is a cable in a dark corner of the room… with my exposure, development and scanning I know that it will disappear in the darkness of the corner, so I don’t worry about it… not with RPL – the scan reveals everything… something I will look out more for in the future on my colour images… anyhow, the colours in those rooms were not easy and I know I would have had a very tough time getting them right… but they did a great job with beautiful, neutral tones everywhere…  hope you like the set… as always I “overpost”, meaning I post more images than I should probably :)

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