15. April 2012

the great escape

This is 6 posts in 1 – I was just travelling too much the last 2 months to keep up with my blog. The upcoming weeks should be back to normal, so I hope this kind of post will be the exception. The shoots are in no particular order:

1. VALERIE – the first one is with Valerie in Chișinău, Moldova. I have been for work in Moldova already in 2007 and loved it – the level of hospitality the people bring towards you is just amazing…. and the beauty of the girls is on the same level of amazingness 🙂   …so  I was really happy to be able to visit again last week and even more so to find someone like Valerie to shoot with… it was quite difficult to find models via the internet, but thanks to facebook I found Valerie…. and so one evening after work we walked around Chișinău to take some pictures… I wish we would have had more time – hope to be able to shoot with her again some time in the future! I used the Pentax 6×7 and Plaubel 67 with Fuji Acros 100 and Portra 160…

2. STEPHANIE – shot in my apartment about a week ago – arranged on very short notice. I initially wanted it to be a studio shoot, but preferred to use the whole apartment instead. I used the Pentax 6×7 and Plaubel 67 with Kodak Trix. I was hoping to be able to shoot outdoors – somehow spring is still quite cold this year.

3. MAYA – another shoot that was done during a business trip, this time to Den Haag in the Netherlands – we stayed close to the beach and I planned on using the dunes and beach as a location. For the fist evening I had contacted a model via modelmayhem, but she did not bother to show up – so I used the time to scout the area for interesting areas. The dunes around Scheveningen / Den Haag are really pretty, but completely fenced of – so you can only shoot from the main walking path – which was  a pity and is very limiting. The second evening I had an appointment with Maya, who was brave enough to show up and shoot with me and Pearl – a designer from Den Haag, who supplied the beautiful clothing. Maya was performing great – she did not have much experience, but it did not show! I am quite happy how they turned out – I was shooting only large format with the Speed Graphic and Aero Ektar Lens. Time was too short again, I shot 20 sheets of 4×5 Ilford Delta 100. I find it interesting how my shooting style changes if I only have 20 sheets to expose. I want to do more in this style this summer – creating an out-of-this-world kind of atmosphere.

4. STEFFI – Shot in a Hotel in Brussels – very nice staff and very helpful. The room was small and simple, but very usable for a photo shoot. Steffi and myself had already planned to shoot some time ago, but it never worked out – glad we finally managed. I was using the Plaubel 67 with Tri-x and a Nikon FM3a with some Fuji Vivid Eterna (Movie Picture Film) I still had in my fridge – I developed it in normal C41 chemistry and it worked out allright (the color images).

5. ELCHI and ARI – I was on a mission to a place south of Berlin – I decided to stay the weekend in Berlin before returning to Brussels visiting some friends and for some shooting. I had three shoots planned – two of them you see here with Elchi and Ari – one was cancelled due to sickness, which was painful because I was quite a bit looking forward to it…

One evening in Berlin I was meeting fellow photographer Hannes Caspar for a coffee and a chat. We started photography around the same time, got to know each other via a german photography site and followed each other since then…. it was very nice finally metting in person and talking over all sorts of things photography and alike… I really enjoyed it – I hardly ever talk to anybody about photography – sounds weird I guess… check out his work if you don’t know him already – if you like mine, I am sure you will love his.

I used the Leica MP and Rolleiflex for both shoots – during the shoot with Ari I used a 35mm lens – which I hardly ever do.


I am your fan. I am wonderring if you shoot by Rollei. Looking to see your photos by Rollei as I am shooting with this fantastic camera and I want to see my Idol work with that camera 🙂

– This was so much fun and Kim and Tom are seriously the swesteet couple ever. Thanks for capturing their love so well, hon! Can’t wait for their wedding! eeks!!!

Just discovered your work Jan, it’s amazing. I was wondering are you shooting the pentax 67 handheld or on tripod? And there’s such a beautiful look to your B&W – do you mind me asking are you processing those yourself? Thanks

So sanft und zerbrechlich….bei dir wirkt jedes Model wie aus einer anderen Dimension !!! Man kann hundert Bilder eines Models sehen, doch auf deinen Aufnahmen hat sie trotzdem eine ganz andere Aura !! Großartig !!

nice sensual photos, one of the best photography blogs i have ever seen!

Excellent photos !!! It is very inspiring for me … …please use what lens to Pentax 67? Thank …

Jan – #59 is just killer! Elchi is off the hook.

Jan – 59# is just killer! Elchi is off the hook.

The section with Maya is, without a doubt, my favorite environmental portraits I have ever seen.

Your work is superb! The composition is truly amazing.

le tue foto sono uno spettacolo

Gran trabajo Jan, como siempre, sigo recientemente tú trabajo y es toda una inspiración para mí. Un saludo.

compliments to your work. I will follow it carefully!
I love the tone, atmosphere and the delicacy of your work.
love photos of Elchi and Valerie
I just bought a Pentax 6×7 on e-bay .. I hope it’s good.
a question: always shoot professional models?
thank you!

Thanks – I guess by far the most models I shoot with are not professional models.

That’s your secret but it seems no one see it!

I admire how you can capture the light and the women in the light.

Wow! I like Your style very much, this simplicity of composition!

wait i did not mean to hit post so let me finish. Valerie is one of the most btfueiaul woman i have ever know. She is strong, intelligent and has the most amazing positive spirit. I think these pictures only enhance the power that this family has. Together I know they can accomplish greatness.Its so refreshing in a world that is full of poverty, crime, depression and a massive recession to see that life is still wonderful and has amazing people that want goodness int his life.I am so proud of my lovely friend and her fabulous family. I wish them all the best .Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos.

Love them all Jan, specially the ones with Valerie and Maya, really well done. Do you use any ND filter when shooting Pentax or Makina outdoor with Fuji Acros 100? Cheers,

thanks – I dont have an ND Filter for those two cameras – if I need to I shoot at f4 or 5.6 – the Plaubel gets razor sharp if you stop down… its absolutely excellent at f2.8 and on par with most !other lenses, but gets unreal at f5.6

Thanks for the reply man. I love to shoot wide open at f2.8 with my RZ67 Pro II and that is why I have not without ND filters outdoor yet! Maybe I should just shoot at f5.6 too 🙂

Your big fan,

oh my god, you are a killer

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