29. June 2013

Alaska II and more

pictures from my second trip to Alaska…. including some images from a long weekend in Spain. most is 35mm film, some 120… Kodak Tri-x and Fuji Acros 100 (developed and scanned by me), Kodak 400CN, Portra 160 and Ektar 100 (developed and scanned by carmencita film lab)

Alaska in summer is really a treat…  Spain is too…. enjoy!  🙂


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Such a gift you have my friend – can’t stop looking through your work! For some reason however, when I click to enlarge an image it darkens the screen? Should it be doing this?


Such a gift you have my friend – can’t stop looking through your work! For some reason however, when I click to enlarge an image it darkens the screen? Should it be doing this?

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[…] Some travelling shoots from Spain by Jan Sholz, check the rest at: blog.micmojo.com/2013/alaska-ii-and-more/ […]

These are lovely! I’m loving your landscapes from the plane and that photograph of Stephanie under the red canopy. I’ll have to make sure I take my 35mm out more often while I’m in the air… 🙂

Na, da bekommt man ja ganz dezent Lust wieder selbst in den Urlaub zu düsen 🙂 Sehr schön und erstaunlich wieder einmal, dass dir auch diese Fotografie so sehr liegt, wie die erotische und sehr künstlerische Fotografie, die man hier sehen kann. Sehr genial.

Grüße Poli

Thoughts about Kodak 400CN? Do you like the tonal range? Have you shot Ilford Super XP2?

I shot one roll in the US and liked the results very much… this roll I dont like too much… I prefer Tri-x, but I keep on comparing the two… or three.. will have to give Ilford a try too…

I’m so glad I signed up to get notifications when you make a new blog post—taking a break to look through the photos from your trip really made my afternoon. Everything is beautiful. I’m jealous of all your traveling! I suppose getting to live vicariously through your photos is the next best thing, so thanks :).

I was really impressed by several of the candid shots you posted here (even the “hip shot” in #2). I think the landscapes (particularly the mountain shots with the Rolleiflex) and still life shots are the best I’ve seen from you so far in those genres. A few of the landscapes reminded me of Michael Kenna, one of my favourite photographers.

I think I mentioned this before on your post with the ballet pictures, but I’m really enjoying seeing you stretch out and work in different styles. Maybe it’s a good creative break for you, too, not always shooting the same type of thing?

Thanks a lot Michael. I find so many areas of photography interesting… it would be boring to concentrate only on one… what I love about this kind of photography (street) is that you can do it anytime and everywhere, without a lot of preparation.

Lovely photos!

What do you use to scan your black and whites?

Thanks, I use a Nikon Coolscan 9000

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