Atlantic City

its been quite some time since the last blog post… and now there is a new one with unusual content. hope to be able to post more regularly in 2013…

Last week I have been to Atlantic City for work. We have arrived on the Saturday afternoon leaving us with some time prior the actual meetings to start… so I had some time to head out to take some pictures. It was quite cold, but the light is already so different than it is in Brussels…. in the  long run I really have to live somewhere beautiful.

I used a Nikon FM3a with an old manual focus Nikkor 2.5/105 with Fuji 160C and 400H, and the Linhof Technika V with Portra 160NC and 400NC.



  1. 27. January 2013 / 21:52

    It’s a nice surprise to see these from you, Jan. Such lovely light and colours but to see you photographing strangers?!? Excellent. More please 🙂

    • 28. January 2013 / 17:15

      Thanks Nasir…. I had plans to shoot more strangers, but shy’ed away a few times… still room for improvement 🙂

  2. David
    28. January 2013 / 12:03

    Allthough i like all of your pictures. It´s very interesting seeing something different from you. Please go on!

  3. Kai
    28. January 2013 / 16:47

    you scan it at home?

    • 28. January 2013 / 17:16

      these are all scanned at home…

  4. 28. January 2013 / 17:48

    love very much what you do with that camera and lens … this combination is my favorite in analogue… the pictures are outstanding…

  5. Dom
    28. January 2013 / 17:55

    Wonderful. Looking forward to a lot more street work. I hope this doesn’t spell the end of model work though!

    • 28. January 2013 / 19:21

      more model work coming for sure… 🙂

  6. 28. January 2013 / 18:12

    Hello Jan! I’m so glad you’re back with blogging, I’m looking forward to see next posts from you.
    You captured the light very nicely, and the shots are well composed.
    Keep up

  7. 28. January 2013 / 18:41

    I’m so glad to see you again posting pictures, Jan.

    Congratulations from Ibiza (Spain).

  8. 28. January 2013 / 21:59

    I was also surprised by these pics…I half expected to see a nude on the pier 🙂 Great set though and I love the colours.

  9. 28. January 2013 / 23:46

    Oh, ich freue mich wieder etwas von dir zu sehen 🙂
    Hatte ja heute schon bei Facebook die Ehre, die erste Aufnahme aus den USA zu bewundern, zumindest habe ich vorher keine entdeckt!!

    Sehr fein…wir sind auch bald wieder im Urlaub 🙂

  10. 29. January 2013 / 04:16

    Hi Jan,

    I’ve followed your work for quite some time, it’s inspirational and has proven to be a driving factor in changing my own photographic direction. I suppose with these shots your going where I have been, and visa versa 🙂

    All the best, Jason.

  11. Maciej
    1. February 2013 / 22:15

    Hi Jan, this is the first time I send you any message. I am not copying you but you are my true inspiration since a long time. And for that I really thank you. Your work is great, your are an artist. You seem to represent the qualities in photograhy that I really want to follow.

    If you could and want give me an advise what is the secret of the great colors you achieve in your color photographs: is it light, or is it the film and its overexposure, is it the scannining?

    No matter the answer your work showed me the way and gave lots of joy in my photographic life. Thanks again!

  12. 17. February 2013 / 22:01

    Good to see your blog isn’t dead! Looking forward to see some new series! 🙂

  13. CJ
    18. February 2013 / 07:54

    You had a great collections of views in AC. This many beautiful sceneries and entertainment spots make Atlantic City tourism a boom as always!

  14. 12. December 2013 / 21:11

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