30. August 2013

[F] Post War Science

quick and dirty blog post for the second episode of FILM Season 2 on the [FRAMED] Network. I am in a hotel with my laptop and only lousy internet connection, hence its quite a pain sorting or commenting the pictures, so I leave them as is 🙂

The whole Film Season I wanted to use as much Large Format as possible and in addition have lots of fun with more reportage style of images in 35mm, so I took the Speed Graphic with Aero Ektar, Leica MP with 35 Summicron and an Olympus OM-2 with a 2/100 lens…. and the Plaubel Makina 67 (you need to have a 6×7 around…) ….. When arriving for the shoot, I was immediately captured by the scenery, but there were so much going on, so many photographers…. that I intended to keep myself in the background and take some shots whenever it gets a little calmer… well it came differently. I am not sure how it happened, but somehow I was the first one to go… and its quite a weird thing (for me) to shoot with numerous cameras around me, everybody listening and watching closely what you do and say… it does not really distract me, but it limits a bit… f I was alone with a model, I might have re-arranged more often, move to different spots, try this and that…. but as soon as I look through the camera, I am fortunate enough to forget all that is behind me and can shoot quite comfortably (sort of….)… I hope I did not offend Hunter when mentioning that it looks like the scenery from a Nine Inch Nails Video… it just occurred to me when watching the episode that it might not have been the best of examples to pick 🙂

… as I mentioned, this is a quick and dirt post – so much more to tell and talk about, hope to fit this in on another post…




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here the link to [FRAMED]


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Great shots. You rebel using Delta on a Kodak sponsored show 🙂

These are great! It’s nice to see your point of view on the whole day, not just the parts that were being filmed. I especially love you candids of Tanja on her cell phone and Hunter getting into the RV. It was an honor to work with you! 🙂

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