6. September 2013

[F] LOMO Challenge


beautiful day on a dry lake bed outside of las vegas…. when i scanned the lomo pictures (by then I  actually forgot that I shot the lomo) I was amazed how wide my 35 summilux can look 🙂

for the rest, I suggest you watch the episode – hope you like it!

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Love the shallow dof pics. What is that massive 4×5 lens you talk in the video? Too blurry to read from youtube 🙂

Keep up the great work

Thanks! Its an Aero Ektar.

this is so cool, great job man, thank you

Hi Jan,

ich habe lange nicht vorbeigeschaut…
BIld 19 ist sehr geil!


Pretty cool shooot:-) Seem to been a great day♥

Downloaded your workshop module from the Framed site yesterday, and just wanted to say thanks for doing it!

Found it very helpful, informative and honest. A very good resource for any one wanting to see how you go about creating the beautiful images you do.

How ridiculous, shame on you now spreading the lomography sh1t

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