30. July 2013


a 2 hours stroll through hot und sunny Brussels with Marie.

Leica MP / 50 summicron and Hexar AF with Portra 160 and Portra 160VC. Developed by a local lab, scanned by myself…


Hi, can you share scanning workflow?! I use Canon 9000F Mark II and Nikon 8000-LS and can’t get that colour tones.

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The color looks stunning , lovely shots though. BTW what model of scanner you’re using?

Would love to know what camera TOOK which one …

Lovely images… Would love to know what camera too which one as I currently shoot an M6 with 35 Cron ASPH and am thinking of picking up the 50 Cron too….

Thanks for sharing the backstage highlights!

Aleksandr Krasavcev

Lovin it. When I first saw you at Framed Networks in a FILM show. I was blown away. Thats why I decided to go to film by myself. Second thing that I am totally looking forward, is shooting with PORTRA, absolutely incredible colors!

Jan Scholz, keep up your great work. And see you soon in new season of film show.
Best wishes from Lithuania!

Amazing shot,sir.

What a great performance, yours and the model, on different city sites.

I do miss the black and whites!
Nice shoot, but not your best, if I may say so.

Why should anything be the “best”? You’re doing it all wrong.

Ah right, I am doing it all wrong by saying I have seen series of him that I like better?
Please ellaborate.

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