11. July 2013


another travel/street blog post.. I promise the next one will be something different…. we went for three days to Paris – mainly for the fashion week, but it ended up being a nice sight seeing trip. All is 35mm / kodak tri-x, fuji acros for black and white…. colour is Portra 160 and Provia 100F … something about slide film I like… but I am not sure if I prefer it over negative film… same with black and white vs color film for the street shots… very undecided.




Erin Sullivan Employment interview AudioWhite Overcoat Dark Skill MidAir Shipping along with Doctor.

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what camera did you use in those photos? thanx and many compliments for your ever beautiful work. federico

You’re the man, man

I hope to be in Paris in early October. You’ve challenged my thinking of how I might shoot.

Also mir hat es spaß gemacht euch mit diesen Fotos ein kleines Stück in Paris virtuell begleiten zu dürfen. 🙂

Why aren’t U posting any nudity/portraits anymore? You were good at that! Someone banned you from taking this kind of pics? This trip/sightseeing stuff looks like fillig some kind of gap… Pity!

Love your work!

Mike in Canada

Wesentlich bessere Streetfotos (Entwicklungen in diesem Projekt!), da sind paar ganz feine dabei, okay auch wieder “Menschen von hinten Fotografien”, aber Du warst wesentlich mutiger und hast feine Momente eingefangen .
Okay 3-4 Stück nicht die Schärfe ganz getroffen, aber bei Freihand ist das völlig okay (Ärgerlich vielleicht für den ambitionierten Streetfotografen) 🙂

Gute Arbeit !

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