20. May 2013


For something completely different…. I was normally not the guy carrying a camera around in every day life… but as I got interested more and more in documentary, street, etc photography, I decided to improve on that part. The post covers some of the images I took during the last 10 months or so… one of the beautiful things about this type of photography is that you can do it anywhere and all the time… boring waiting time at the airport is a thing of the past. It took some time, but I am becoming more and more “daring” at taking shots of strangers…

of course all is shot on film with various cameras, mainly leica m with Tri-x and some landscape shots on Plaubel Makina 67

hope there are some images you like…

Leandro N. Capoz


Great photos! Awesome that you’re trying something new.

Сolor photography wonderful!

I really enjoyed this set. A slice of life through someone else’s eyes in a different part of the world. Great commentary too. Thank you, I look forward to seeing more 🙂

Alex Shoykhetbrod

Hallo Jan !
Thank you for the exciting and interesting view on for the first look usual things from your life! I enjoyed reading your comments under the pictures. To be honest your last 10 month were everything but boring. Thank you for sharing, keep going!

shoot more color! 🙂 They are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed it a lot! Will check it in the future too, if you keep posting these snapshots as well. A bit of a different style from you 😉

yo jan!

good stuff…i enjoyed this post. i think it’s cool that you post stuff that’s personal but not private, if you know what i mean.

anyway – keep up the good work.


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