13. June 2015


Here some images from the first half of this year… a wild mix of different things – mainly non-staged pictures… a wild juxtaposition of different events that I just want to put somewhere to not get lost…

The selection starts with Christelle and Fabio at a riding stable south of Brussels – taken with a Hasselblad 501cm and different films. This ends with a little intermezzo of some pictures at the train station in Brussels and around my hotel in Warsaw.

We then move on to a video shoot at Kasteel ‘dUrsel of Bart Ramaekers with lots of interesting “characters”. I took my M2 and M3 Leicas with Tri-x and Cinestill film… I had a funny discussion with one of the assistants who could not believe I shoot film, while with digital I can take much more images… “it’s much easier” … he was so convincing, I did not attempt to counter his arguments 🙂

The next section is around the Beach of Knokke and De Panne, at and around the Miss Belgium 2015 event… with some misses and stephanie’s family… the last section is from a very special first birthday 🙂

I hope this is not too boring… most of my other work you find on my facebook page  and my “nude work” on flickr or tumblr… enjoy




What were the color ones near the end shot on (#75-78)? Fantastic.

Thanks! Its Kodak Portra 160 on a 4×5 Linhof Technika

Very nice, especially the beginning and the end.

You can NEVER be boring Jan…
It’s good to see your other photos for a change…
Thanks for sharing!

No, not boring at all. I really enjoy your documentary style photography like this. It’s a window into another world and the ‘real’ things going on. Thanks for sharing 🙂

What lenses did you use with the Leicas… lovely images.

Thx – 35 and 50 lux’s

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