22. March 2015

Corera, Tenerife, Paris

This blog is becoming more and more a personal diary in pictures, than anything else. A place for me to come back to, to re-visit times and places, experiences with friends and family. The last two weeks Stephanie and I got to spend with Ryan and Rachel, teaching two workshops and travelling around Spain and Tenerife, having a fantastic time with wonderful people.

The images are more or less in sequence: it starts out driving from Madrid to Corera with Marcos, 3 days in Corera follow, driving back to Madrid, early morning departure with Ryanair to Tenerife, 2 days workshop and then 8 days relaxing in different areas of the island, finally meeting up in Paris for the weekend.

I wish I could annotate each picture, but with the last update of wordpress that functionality is somehow lost, or hidden :-/

The technical details:

35mm (outside the water) Leica M2 mainly with 2/35 and very few with 1.4/50 ASPH, Kodak Tri-x, Fuji NPS 160 (around the pool), Cinestill 50D (street pictures of old people)…

35mm (under water) Nikonos V, 28mm lens, Kodak BW400CN

6×6 images: Rolleiflex 2.8F, Kodak TMAX 400, Fuji 400H

6×6 images in Paris: Mamiya 6, Kodak TMAX 400

6×7 images: Plaubel Makina 67 and W67, mainly Fuji 400H, some Portra 160 and 800

colour images developed and scanned by caremncita film lab
black and white images developed in HC110 and scanned on a Nikon 9000

If I remember correctly, Image 1 and 122 are taken by Ryan.



Such beautiful photos.

What film in the number 14?

I like your work Mic! Amazing!

These are fantastic. bravo.

Au Backe, sind da schöne Fotos dabei!
Und mit den Katzenbildern kannst du deine Follower auf 2,5 Mio. erhöhen! 😀

Wonderful. A really nice variety of films and formats. Somewhere in my backlog of film to scan are the shots from our photo walk last October. Some day they will come to the surface 🙂

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Some guys in the past sang "you can do magic": I'm sure that they were singing about you.

Thank you Jan. Thank you from the deep of my heart.

Great images. I love how the camera is just part of your everyday life. It captures both candid and posed moments. Combine that with your talent and great eye and you get a wonderful series like this. I very much enjoyed watching it. Thanks!

These images are stunning. I’m a huge fan of all the black and white photos.

Great shots! May I ask how did you rated the Cinestill? Did you leave it at box speed?

pretty much at 50, with a slight overexposure if in doubt

I am absolutely blown by these! Timeless and absolutely amazing! If some of these would be published in a book I would definitely buy it

Great photos! It was a pleasure to look through the pictures.

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