8. August 2015

Ibiza and more

a variety of events, places and people in one blog post:
It starts out with a 5 day surprise trip to Ibiza for my birthday. First I was challenged to a 1 on 1 session paintball, then to a more relaxing trip with a little motorboat on the ocean… it was a little scary at first, having never steered a motor boat before, but became lots of fun once we managed to escape the busy beach/harbour area.The next pictures are from our beautiful little bed and breakfast on the hills on the north-east part of the island. It was my first time on Ibiza and I expected a party and drinking island, but was positively surprised, the remote location on the hill came very close to the serenity and remoteness we experienced in Islamorada along the Florida Keys. A beautiful 20 minute walk (see pictures) lead to small beach. The next few pictures we visited one of the more famous beaches, where all the beautiful people (and lots of nude people) hang out…Next day we took a little boat to visit Formentera by bicycle – very beautiful! All Ibiza images shot with a Mamiya 6 and the 4/50 lens, beautifully scanned by Carmencita film lab. Thanks guys!


Some scenes from Brussels lead to Sarah’s birthday party and a visit to little Naîa, followed by our yearly summer trip to Hamburg to visit my family, including a trip to St Peter Ording. The remaining images are with Tania, shot with the Linhof Technika and Hasselblad.


Fantastic work Jan, I absolutely love it!
Wow, I just happened across your mention here of Islamorada, Florida Keys. And where would you think to find me? You guessed it, I live in Islamorada, Fl. Wish I would have known you were here,I would have loved to had the opportunity to meet up and chat with you. Well,if your ever back this way again, please ring me up.

All the best,
Skip Gue

Dear Jan,
I admire your work since a long time but this new approach seems not very convincing to me – some of your pictures are artistic, some are fashion, and some are simply tourist snapshots. I have no problem with people taking pictures of their girlfriend – but is this worth to be shared with the internet community? I would appreciate if you would come back to your earlier work instead of posting some one hundred and … pictures which have in the end not a lot or nothing in common. The really amazing pictures in this series are spoiled by the rest. If you want to share all those pictures seperate them at least accordingly, so one can choose whether he is interested in your private life or more in your artistic work…

Happy birthday micmojo. Nice collection again. Personally I like the shots from the boat, and the end, Naia and the other girl photoshoot. Good job!

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