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Almost one year ago we had the opportunity to photograph backstage at Ethno Tendance 2015, a fashion event in Brussels. We went there on the first day, I took a Leica with black and white film, the Makina with colour and Stephanie took the Sony A7 for video. As usual, I started very shy, taking pictures from way too far away, feeling a bit like an intruder. After some time, and after warming up, I got in closer and noticed that everyone was super nice.

untitled-77The whole event had a very positive and warm atmosphere, we felt so comfortable, that we decided to come back the next day and take the 4×5 for some portraits.

I feel a bit bad that I only shared some isolated images over the weeks and months since the event. Now that I “have my blog back”, I finally have a place to put all those images. I hope there are some you enjoy. I definitely enjoy these kind of events. Contrary to most fashion events it took place in a light flooded place: Brussels Thurn et Taxis, a series of beautiful storage facilities from the 19th century, with large windows under the roof, and resulting beautiful light.

Leica M2 / 35 Lux

Plaubel Makina 67 / Portra 800

Chamonix 45n2 with Portra 400 and HP5+

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  1. Rucknraul
    16. October 2016 / 21:39

    Excellent pictures. Simple, elegant and pure. No tricks, just people being themselves, made so interesting seen through your lenses and your photographer eye… thank you Jan.

  2. 18. October 2016 / 14:38

    Hi Jan,

    nice work! I think one of the most “organic series” a kind of “touch the world” … from the one hand the chaotic world of the busy movements … touching the reality of the bodies and the expressions with the fast 35mm camera and on the other the monumental / sculptural calm of the posing bodies with the 4×5 camera …

    ( if you find the time give me a short answer, which lenses do you use for the 4×5 portraits? I have the feeling it is not only the standard 150mm lens, some images look as if they have been taken with a wider lens … )

    and keep on going with the blog … maybe you would not have a rapid reaction and you would not attract thousands of beholders but the people who really follow your photography would came and look again and again …

    • 18. October 2016 / 22:35

      Thanks Theodor! I use three lenses on a regular basis on the 4×5 and thats 135, 150 and 210… for this session I believe I used the 150mm. I agree, I think my time is better spent on my blog than on facebook! 🙂

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