8. December 2016

from moscow to brussels


Anhen is from Moscow, and I was very happy that she finally made it to Brussels and we got to shoot.

However, things seldom go as planned. I found this beautiful AirBnb and contacted the owner if I can book it for a shoot and if it is possible to start earlier than normal check-in time – no problem – until one day prior the shoot when I wanted to re-confirm our arrival time and was told that we can only start from 14:00 as there are still guests prior that time (it gets dark in Brussels at 16:00 these days, hence my request to start early)… I did not feel like arguing and was happy we were allowed to shoot, so we had to live with the consequences… when checking in, the owner was extremely nice and the place was fantastic, he just forgot the earlier check-in request… (not uncommon in Brussels – people are very friendly, but all aspects of time are of minor importance). …long story, the short version: I was running out of available light after about an hour of shooting and had to use the “available lamps”, which I normally dread, but being forced to do so, produced some of my favorite images… being pushed out of the comfort zone can be a good thing.

The technical bits and pieces:

Mamiya RZ67 with 110mm lens on a tripod – mix of Portra 400 and 800 / Fuji FP100C
Leica MP with 35mm Lux – Tmax 400
Nikon FE2 with 35mm – Portra 800

Black and White images developed by me and scanned on a Nikon ED9000
Colour developed by Carmencita Film Lab, scanned on the Noritsu

We are currently offering a holiday prints special, which runs until December 13th, see details on my website! Many thanks to all the people who already bought prints – now I can buy more film, for more pictures, more blog posts… etc! 🙂

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Great work Jan! Love the mood and connection to the model.

You re outrageously good. Aside images themselves , you establish an incredible feeling with your subjects . They are more than simply “photos”. Chapeau


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