29. December 2016


Third post in my one-blog-post-per-day-until-the-new-year-routine… this was my third shoot with Kaluuna and its always a great experience. In this shoot I tried to combine three of my projects into one. We shoot at the model’s place (1) while I try to merge my “model-work” (2)  with my “straight portraits” (3) and create some authentic portraits in her room while still leaning towards the nude/fine art-kind-of world… not sure if this make sense 🙂

Rolleiflex 2.8F / Tmax 400 and Portra 400 – color processed by carmencita film lab, black and white by myself.
Nikon FE2 / a mix of TMAX 400 and HP5, I think



Beautiful work as usual.

Hi Jan,
I am a long time fan for years and your work using film format and natural lightning is beyond anything I’ve come across.
May I ask one question on the Rolleiflex 2.8F. How did you manage to get such a close head and shoulder shots given that the minimal focus distance for Rolleiflex is pretty “far” for head and shoulder shot?
Aside, even though both Rolleiflex 2.8F and Hasselblad 80mm F2.8 are using the lens made by Carl Zeiss with similar focal length, based on your shots I notice these 2 lenses give different results especially on B&W photo. For example, transition between in-focus and out-of-focus, the contrast and micro details. I like it alot on the B&W using the Rolleiflex.
Thanks and wishing you a Happy New Year !

Hi Jan,
really very nice and inspiring work! I think this type of pictures are most close to your personality/vision and I also think that they are the most interesting for those who follow your work. Pure “`model-work”‘, I think, is generaly interesting but a little bit artificial. Fashion- or Model-Art, I think, just feeds the illusions of modern society. “`Straight portraits”‘ on he otherside I think they need a more formal approach, a more strict language in order to mediate a strong message. I have in mind the work of August Sander and Richard Avedon ( he used only the 8×10 camera for his portraits ).

Your “`authentic portraits”‘ are the most interesting, you are in contact with beauty, reality and yourself and I think that in this connection you produce the most intense pictures. Maybe there is also a collective Nostalgia for this type of images. We are overloaded with artificial Model-Work ( the world of fashion and commodity ) and we are living in a culture that’s starving for beauty but also uniqueness, reality and authenticity, human meaning … Just a personal opinion …

Thank you for communicating your pictures and thoughts and hopefully you would not slow down your pace in the new year, this type of effort is very inspiring for us ( Beholders ) and hopefully also a little bit rewarding for you …

guten Rutsch!

PS. If you find the time just give me a short answer. How many rolls are you shooting in a session ( average ) and how long it takes normally one session?

Hi Theo,
thanks for your comment! it really depends, anything between 1 and 4 hours, anything between 2 and 8 rolls, depending th3 format. Here I had 4x 120 rolls and 1.5x 35mm rolls.
auch ein guten Rutsch! 🙂

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