The year is almost over and I still have at least 4 blog posts lined up that I would like to get out. The last weeks were quite busy. I just got back from a few days in China and we continued directly to my family in Hamburg for xmas. Prior to that we were busy with my print sale – preparing images, visiting the lab, organizing shipments (many thanks to all of you that ordered prints!), but now finally, I have a few days off to relax, finish images and send them to the blog! 🙂

I start off with a shoot with Michelle that Stephanie and I organized in a beautiful Airbnb a few streets from here. I am still a little obsessed with the Mamiya RZ. I only use it from a tripod and usually have a 35mm around for the “quick snaps”. I really like the stationary setup, makes me think and compose more careful , on top of that the bellows allow me to get really close for portraits… and if you think something justifies a polaroid, you just slip on the back and go for it, no extra camera needed.

For my most recent shoot I reverted back to my Rolleiflex, and I enjoyed it very much… so it might be that the Mamiya gets a little break.

Mamiya RZ 67 – 2.8/110mm – Portra 400 and TMAX 400 / Fuji FP100C
Leica M3 with 1.4/35 and TMAX 400 (a bit tricky to compose without the correct frame lines)

black and white images developed and scanned by me / color by carmencita film lab




  1. Matthias
    27. December 2016 / 20:50

    wie immer wundervolle Aufnahmen. Die Mamiya RZ67 ist meine absolute Lieblings Kamera. Ich freue mich, dass du sie so viel shootest! Tolle Arbeit!

  2. 28. December 2016 / 01:36

    Wonderful images. Your eye for light is amazing. Love your work and wish one day to take some photos similar to yours.

  3. Ricky
    28. December 2016 / 01:49

    Would you share the lighting set up?
    Thx a lot.

    • 28. December 2016 / 11:05

      Its all window light, except the two images on the mattress – there was a little reading light that I used complementary to the window light.

  4. 28. December 2016 / 11:10

    Hi jan, awesome, the girl is super inspiring and beautiful 🙂 The place is amazing and the light that there was no words. Congratulations, very good job.

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