28. October 2016

room 56 and corner 41


october16-14This post is about two recent shoots, one with Viktoria in Room 56, in a “simple”  hotel in Brussels and one with Elsa in Studio “Corner 41”. I always like shooting in run-down hotels and bed and breakfast, but they are so difficult to find. If they are cheap, they tend to look cheap, but not run down. Same with Room 56. From the pictures on the web site I was hoping for an interesting location, but then seeing it for real, I was a bit disappointed: The colours were “interesting” , the room cluttered with different things, very small, difficult to find good angles, and “this intense orange” everywhere….  a slight notion of desperation was in the air. What helped was closing the curtains to only let minimal light inside, turn on the lights and that combined gave the room a lot more atmosphere. Luckily I took the right tools for low light, the Mamiya RZ on a tripod and the fast Leica with a 1.4/35 lens, Kodak Tmax and Portra 400. The last part in the bath room was Stephanie’s idea, I would normally not ask a model to put on lots of make-up and get all wet and messy, but I am very happy Stephanie did.

october16-241Viktoria is a great model, very versatile and easy to work with, Carmencita did a great job pulling amazing colours from the negatives, so all in all I am very happy with the results, despite the ” difficult” location. Stephanie made a video, you find it at the end of the post.

The other shoot of this blog post was with Elsa in a little day light studio close to where we live. We have been shooting there a few weeks ago already and I thought it would be a great location for our shoot with Elsa – and it was. I am very happy with the results. I used a Nikon FE2 with a 2/35mm lens with Portra 160, a Leica MP with 1.4/35 and Tmax 400, the Plaubel Makina with Portra 160 and Mamiya RZ67 with Tmax 400. I always love to give my pictures a fragile and sensitive look, and this works so very well with Elsa.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Stephanie made a video of the shoot with Viktoria, for more see film and friends




Great images! Do you always shoot box speed or do you ever push the film… say from 400 to 1600?

I almost always shoot at box speed, unless I really need the extra speed due to low light. Thanks!

Great work !
Do you use a filter ? if yes which one ?

no i dont use any filter – recently i started playing around with a blue filter, but not on these images. Thank you!

I love the simplicity of the images. Curious about the next post.

Awesome, I like the new line, congratulations

Hi, nice pics!!!
metered at box speed?

I normally guestimate my exposures with box speed in mind and then give it a little more

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